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Colours 2019

This weekend is the Colours Wargames show at Newbury Racecourse, one of the two shows I try to get to every year.

This year I have been trying not to get into anything new but have been comprehensively failing. Apart from buying the new Ragnarok book from Osprey, I have also bought the new Warcry starter box and can feel myself being drawn into CMON’s Game of Thrones A Song of This and That.

Anyway, at Colours, young Jim at Products For Wargamers will have some new shipping containers on sale that I finished designing recently. I am quite please with the design and they stack really well. I think ten or so of these would look pretty good on a table.

I wonder what I will come back from Colours with?

Salute 2018

Yesterday was Salute at the Excel in London, the biggest UK wargames show of the year. Once again we headed down, this year there really was not much I was intending to buy. But then again I always say that…

As it is the 100th anniversary of the end of the Great War, there were plenty of period exhibits, including this 1:1 scale WW1 tank with some very realistic weathering.

Around the show, there were simply loads of amazing looking demo games and displays, the sci-fi complex below was particularly impressive and I may have to “borrow” some of the ideas, like the red creature vats…

The ship below was impressive, the hull was apparently made from tomato puree tubes, quite a lot of them. I can’t help but wonder what became of all the tomato puree, perhaps a very large spaghetti bolognese.
I thought I was keeping my purchases under control, but I still managed to buy lots of small resin terrain bits, a couple of Infinity Motorbikes for Rogue Stars, four boxes of Warmachine models that I will use in my Steam Wars games and some Bob Olley sculpted Dwarf Cavalry from Macrocosm Miniatures.

I was also quite pleased to see some of my MDF designs on the Product For Wargamers stand, a few of which actually sold. The most popular was the industrial towers around a Pringles tube with the new landing pad section that joins two together.

Post Salute

Salute is over for another year. Although I managed to avoid buying into any new games, I did pick up a few mdf bits, some resin control panels and crew for a sci-fi spaceship project, a Wolsung robot thing and a few extra Black Scorpion Navy Marines.

This Infinity Sci-Fi table was my favourite of the day, the design and detail was amazing.

Panzer Mech Kickstarter

I had been doing a good job of keeping away from Kickstarters until a friend sent me a link this morning for one ending in a few hours…

This is a West Wind Kickstarter for some great Weird War II Mechs and I can’t resist a good Mech, or three.
jotanI like the West Wind SOTR range and these new models will also be usable in Konflict 47, Steam Wars and some of the freebie stretch goals will be great in games like Rogue Stars.







As if cool Mechs are not enough, I like the look of this German ball tank, the Panzerkampfrad.

New Stuff

I mentioned that I had bought some new stuff for a few ongoing projects recently, some in America and some at the Derby Worlds Wargames show on Saturday.
From the Bad Squiddo Games stand, I bought a couple of packs of bits, some steampunk basing bits that will make good objectives and a nice selection of treasure chests for pirate games and Frostgrave.

Most of my oriental models have more of a fanstasy theme and with an upcoming game of Ronin in a couple of weeks, I wanted some Ashigaru with various weapons.ashigaru1
These two packs came from AW Miniatures at a very reasonable £5 per pack!
I have had my eye on this next model for some time, the Reaper Clockwork Dragon. It is from the Bones range so the body and legs are made from soft plastic which does have a habit of bending out of shape; submersing in boiling water is the cure for that. The wings on the other hand are hard plastic, they simply would not have worked as soft plastic.
The mechanical Dragon is planned for my Dragon Rampant Dwarf army which uses the plenty of steam powered Rackham Dwarves. It is about time I had a dragon to use in a Dragon Rampant army, is it in the name after all.

I also managed to pick up some cheap Dust Steel Guard models, not sure what I want to use them for yet, but I do like the models. They may end up in my new Steampunk roboarmy. Some other new models purchased that will definitely be in my roboarmy are some Warmachine Eliminators and the Dust Winter Child character. For some air support, a bought some very cheap AT-43 Karman King Buggy’s for conversions, and at $6 each, why not!

Last, but by no means least, top of my list for the Derby show was the new Ironclad Miniatures Steampunk Rotocopter. This is a great model for my British army, but I suspect the Mr Steinberg‘s pesky American Navy may also have acquired one. I need to drill a large hole in the fuselage for a tall flight stand and then see about a couple of small bombs.

I had better get building and undercoating…

Too Many Unplayed Games…

Mr Steinberg made the point the other day that are too many games vying for our attention. This is indeed true. The problem is that we keep buying even more new rules and adding to the pile…

Osprey Publishing keep on popping out nice little rulesets for different periods and genres that seem like a good idea to try out.

A conversation sort of goes like this;

roguestars“Seen that new set of rules coming out next month, [insert book name here] looks interesting and you only need ten figures to get stuck in.”

“I have some of those from [insert a model range here] that I don’t use any more.”

“…and I have always wanted to get some of these [insert independent model company here] figures just because they are great sculpts and would look brilliant painted.”

..and so on.

The end result is that new rule books are constantly acquired and in some cases a game is arranged to try them out. But in quite a few cases, the rules end up on a shelf as other even newer shiny toys distract an honest wargamer with limited gaming time, but who can always find a few pounds sterling to spend on a discounted book.

Since reorganising my book shelves, I have grouped all the unplayed rules into one section, which takes up more space than one would like.

onthesevenseasOn The Seven Seas is an Osprey pirate game that grabbed my attention, I was particularly interested in the rules for sailing ships at 28mm scale as I appear to have a small fleet of large ships.

Fighting boarding actions has always been a game scenario I have wanted to play out. In the end, I just built my own ships and wrote my own rules using the core of my No Quarter game and coming up with a Naval Battles supplement.

Of course it is not only Osprey who are banging out new rules to tempt us, there are plenty of books from other publishers on my bookshelf that have been sitting there for a while in some cases. However Osprey books do have a habit of being very reasonably priced as well as being about as regular as a monthly magazine.


I’m not sure when it was released, probably quite a few years ago as I have had models from the Black Scorpion pirate range crewing my ships for quite some time, but I bought Cutlass earlier this year to add to the pirate games on my book shelf, which as a period by itself seems to have more than its fair share of rule books. Cutlass is a set of rules by Gav Thorpe, once of Game$ Work$hop fame, or infamy depending on your view. Personally speaking, anyone who can make a living at their hobby is doing very well indeed.


Fighting Sail is a game at yet another scale, about 1/1200 (or even 1/2400) which allows whole fleets of sailing ships to do battle. I think the plan here is for us to use the Pirates of the Spanish Main cardboard ships from Wizkids that were common a few years ago. I’m sure I have a few around somewhere in the Loft Full Of Lead. Apparently, if I am short a ship or two, then Mr Steinberg can apparently provide an entire fleet. For both sides. And a friend.


I don’t think I will be playing Freebooters Fate as the game uses profile cards for specific models. Much as though the Freebooters Fate models are very nice, they are quite expensive and I already have plenty of generic pirate, navy and swashbuckling models.

So in total, I currently have four pirate or ship based rule books sitting on the shelf which fall into the unplayed category. That is just the pirate rules.

RelicKnightsOne of the Kickstarters I went in for ages ago was Relic Knights, an anime style small scale game with some really nicely designed figures. However, as it was so late delivering, the guys at my local games club had lost interest and moved on to other even newer things.

Anyway, I have finally started to put together some of the Black Diamond models as I think they could be used as Special Forces models in other games. But with luck, I will actually get a game using the Relic Knights rules as well.

DropzoneCommanderNot since the days of Game$ Work$hop’$ Epic have I played a games around the 1/300th scale. Dropship Commander looked very tempting, but having bought the rule book, I resisted, as on reflection, an army of these lovely models would be quite expensive and take an awful lot of painting.

The other problem is that I don’t have a great deal of appropriately scaled scenery. Apart from my really old polystyrene Epic buildings and some slightly less old cardboard Epic buildings,  I would be relying on the smallest trees in my terrain collection and some hills.

I am still tempted by gaming at 1/300th scale, ages ago I bought a small army of Brigade Games tanks, APC’s and some Germy infantry. They are sort of painted, but not actually found a set of rules, or an opponent to try them out.

kampfgruppenormandyKampfgruppe Normandy was an impulse buy several years ago at Salute I think. Basically, Game$ Work$hop were selling off piles of these books for £5 each. Lets face it, at that price what is not to like. Of course the problem is actually getting to play the game. I have plenty of World War II models and lots of appropriate terrain, just not the get up and go to get up and play. I guess the main problem is that Kampfgruppe Normandy is competing with Bolt Action which is a WWII game that has plenty of players, support, new rules and a large range of models.

The next three on the new and unplayed shelf are all Osprey books.

inhermajestysnameIn Her Majesty’s Name is another in the steampunk genre. With the plethora of appropriate models being painted around here over the last year or so, another set of rules seemed like a good idea, but with Empire Of The Dead and my very own Steam Wars, I’m sure when will get around to it. There is even a supplement available but I am definitely not getting that until I at least give the core book a go. How hard can it be?

roninGoing back a few years, I was at Salute with Joken and he really fancied trying out a small scale Samurai game. We bought some Samurai models with a view to painting them up and perhaps downloading a freebie set of pdf rules. It was not long after Salute that we discovered Bushido and were sucked into the world of fantasy Samurai. As it turned out, the Bushido guys were all ex-Confrontation players and that sat very well indeed with us. But not one to pass yet another rule book to read, I bought Ronin as a possible alternative.

blackopsThe most recent acquisition is the Black Ops book. This is indeed one of those games that tempts me because of all the fantastic models out there waiting to be bought and painted. For Black Ops I thought the Black Scorpion modern US Marines would have been perfect, but they seem to have disappeared from the Black Scorpion web site. But don’t panic, Hasslefree have a load of modern soldiers perfect for the job. With all the other projects on the go, perhaps by Salute next year I will be ready to buy some.

stargrunt2EDIT: I did forget one, I bought Stargrunt II at a show years ago as I have so many figures from different ranges and this may have been a way to get them all into a game.

I think that is the new and unplayed list, although it does not include a board game or two that languishes in the Loft Full Of Lead. There could be more that have been unplayed for so long that I have forgotten about them.

Derby Wargames Show

I thought I had not bought too much stuff at the Derby Wargames Show, but it appears I was wrong. Picking up a few blisters of models, a book, some paint and a full four feet of trenches later put a dent in £120.I picked up a few nice fantasy CP-Models for use in Frostgrave. I also found a pack of eight EMP Games models that should work very nicely as British Steampunk Special Forces or something along those lines, their pith helmets are a little smaller than the rest of my models, but what the hell, I still think they will look good painted up red and blue with white hats!

And then there is the Kallistra trench system. I reckon this will get used in Bolt Action, Dust, AT-43 and Steam Wars. Perfect.

Collectormania MK

mkc2015Time for another trip to the Milton Keynes Collectormania at the football stadium. As usual, lots of stands of collectable stuff to suck the money out of your pocket. For once I managed to resist a lot of the stuff, although both my daughters managed to outspend me.

There are so many enthusiasts at these shows and always lots of Star Wars stuff.mkc4
There was quite a collection of R2D2 replicas of various designs, materials and completeness. Some like this first one, completely made from aluminium.
This next droid was the result of about 300 hours of 3D printing with still plenty more to do.
This is a superb example of a steampunked R2D2, that spouts steam and sprays water.
The day would not be complete without a trip to the slave market where one can pick up a bargain or two.

Campaign Wargames Show

Over the weekend was the Campaign Wargames Show in Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, mostly competitions, but also some traders. This is also an opportunity for the general public to get up close and see middle aged men playing with toy soldiers.
I only had time for a quick visit, but I did find a large box full of Dystopian Legions stuff being sold off at crazy prices. So I, along with a few friends bought quite a few bits. I picked up seven box sets that would usually come to £112 for only £28. Bargain.
These are all to be used by the steampunk armies currenty being completed.