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Empire Greatswords

The last few weeks has been spent designing, building and painting MDF Tudor style buildings, but I did manage to get a twenty man unit of Greatswords finishd for Oathmark.

Some had been painted years ago, but they all needed attention to get them ready for action.

Used the paint scheme of those painted years ago as the basecoat and then matched the rest. I think the red and white uniform looks striking. I used Apothecary White Contrast paint on the white and then Army Painter Dark Tone on the rest of the model.

Updating Empire Greatswords

I have rebased a load of old Games Workshop Empire Greatswords and started to get them painted ready for Oathmark.

Those painted many years ago will get a refresh, using the existing colour as undercoat. I will then have a nice maxed out unit of twenty Greatswords. Not sure what to do with the command group at the moment.

Oldhammer Empire Outriders

These are one of the old Empire units I liked the most back in the 1990’s, shocking really that I never got around to painting them.

Although these models have black powder weapons, I am going to add these to the Empire backlog even though they can’t be used in an Oathmark army list…although maybe I could use them with the Mounted Ranger profile?

Oldhammer Empire Reiksguard

I have had these old Empire Reiksguard Knights for…er…a few years. Probably since about 1992, along with a small pile of other Empire models waiting to be given some love and attention.

With the release of Oathmark, and the fact that we are all stuck without any games being played, I have been given the time to get some of these old models built and painted.

I thought these would not take long to make, after all, a body and some legs. Stick them together, what could possibly go wrong.

Well, it seems that the body and the legs do not line up very well, the sash on the models left fouls on the legs and the lance fouls on the knee. When lined up correctly, there is a gap of about 2mm at the waist.

Is it too late to complain to Games Workshop? Only by about 28 years…

One option was to trim bits of lead off the legs and the torso until they fitted. I tried one, but it was a pain. So I have added a thin slither of plastic between the torso and the legs and it seems to have worked. I now need to undercoat them in the next few days.


Another old model for my Dragon Rampant Treefolk army is this lump of heavy metal from I can’t remember when.Treeman
tarkin-cant-see-the-wood-for-the-treesHe paints up really well. When painting the back of his legs, I noticed there is a heart with an arrow through it carved into the bark, a nice touch.

I used a few different shades of brown and plenty of greens otherwise he wood (!) have been a pretty boring model to paint.

The Dryad unit and the Treeman are the first units finished for the Dragon Rampant Treefolk warband. I’m busy working on some Celtos Sirens at the moment. There are a few other models to paint, but the Dryads and the Sirens will be the bulk of the force,Treeman-Warband


I have had a home made fantasy army list for No Quarter knocking around for many years. I had bought some Dryads, a couple of large treemen and some Celtos Sirens to use as the core of a treefolk army. But with so many projects on the go in all sorts of games, these found their way shuffled to the back of the Loft Full Of Lead.
With the release of Dragon Rampant from Osprey Publishing, I was thinking of all the old fantasy figures lurking in the Loft Full Of Lead and remembered I had an unpainted army up there that would be perfect.
To get to the twelve Dryad models ideally required in a unit, I found a single old style Dyrad on eBay to complete them.
These actually took longer to paint than I thought they would, I wanted more than just a wood brown finish.
I may add some foliage here and there and I actually have some static grass now that I can add to the bases.
As a unit, they look quite cool.
I have had these models on round bases for many years waiting to be painted, funny how Warhammer Fanta$y Battle is now all on round bases.