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Gaslands Zombie Fest

Gaslands is a cool little game, I really must find time to convert some more cars, I still only have a few that are finished.
We did a Zombie squishing game recently, basically drive around and run over as many as possible. This is actually more difficult than you would think as the movement templates mean you really have to plan ahead.


We had another bash at Gaslands last week with some of my newly designed a laser cut Gates.

These are defiantly a better design than my first two attempts and they are much easier to put together.

I tried out an unarmed Performance Car for the first time to see if its speed would help to keep it out of trouble. That tactic does not work as it takes a while to accelerate, during which time, your opponent takes chunks out of him.

This was a strange game, the only vehicle left at the end actually got left behind at the start but came through to inflict the killing blow on the only other vehicle left.

We managed to use some rules that we had not used in our first game and this helped some with some appalling dice rolls.

The Gates should be available soon from Products For Wargamers and at Salute for those in the London area.

Honda S2000

So it is finished, but I am not happy with it. As a first attempt at a Gaslands car it has given me some food for thought and a few things to watch out for. I think I will take apart the the next vehicle completely to make the conversion work a bit easier.
I also need to work out how to weather the car so it actually looks muddy. Some of the models created on the Facebook Gaslands page are truly exceptional.

Gaslands Honda S2000

I am having a go at my first Gaslands car conversion, a Hot Wheels Honda S2000 donated by Mr Steinberg for the chop.

I started by using some mesh from a garlic bag to make a screen guard, lots of glue used here and it was really messy to stick down.

I then basically cut up bits of plastic and stuck them on here and there.

It was very cold outside when I spray undercoated, but I need to get this chap painted for Wednesday…

I think I need to get a bit more outlandish with at least some of the car conversions.

First Gaslands Game

Last night was my first attempt at Gaslands, yet another Osprey rulebook in their ever expanding range.

The initial impression is good, once you get over the number of counters and dice required to record a vehicles Gear, Damage and Hazard status, it plays quite quickly.

The start is pretty chaotic with all the vehicles bunched together, in fact in this game, most of the action seemed to take place around the first Gate which is not very far from the starting line.

I used two buggy’s and a heavily armoured and armed truck, the idea was for the buggy’s to race ahead and the truck to cause carnage behind. So obviously the buggy’s never got in front of the truck and the cunning pre-race strategy went straight out the window.

I like the game, this could well be one we come back to on a regular basis, we will have a rematch in a few weeks and should get to try out the Sponsor rules.

These vehicles are from Aberrant Games and are unmodified, my next Gaslands task will be to convert some Hot Wheels cars with some 40K Epic and Flames Of War accessories