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30 Points Of Lannisters

I have four units of Lannisters for my 30 points, Knights Of Casterly Rock, Halberdiers, Guards and The Mountains Men. As the only characters painted so far are Tyrion and The Sparrow, that was my lot.

Some of the ink wash has ended up a bit glossy, so I still need to go back and matt varnish the red cloth, oh, and finish the bases.

The Knights are great when they charge, the extra attacks are mean they can dish out a lot of damage, but getting bogged down in a prolonged melee does not do them any favours.

The infantry units do not hit very hard, especially against a Freefolk Giant, but it does not help when the best Panic Test result I can roll is a 3 on 2D6 all game. The offending dice will be crushed.

The Lannisters did not hang around very long.

Maybe next time…

Whats On The Table?

My first Lannister unit for Game Of Thrones A Song Of Ice And Fire is just about done, I still need to finish the bases for the models and the movement tray, but they are nearly there.

As these are The Mountain’s Men, I did not want to use and red that will be the main colour for the rest of the Lannister infantry.

A Song Of Ice & Fire

I must be mad, I have given myself another whole army to paint, again. But having played a couple of games recently, I really like the rules and thought I should jump in to A Song Of Ice And Fire.

Although I resisted buying any at Colours recently, I decided to punt for a Lannister force in the end and ebayed a good selection.

I need to get undercoating this weekend…