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Lannister Guardsmen

With a complete lack of games being played by me at the moment, my painting mojo has been suffering. It is taking me ages to paint models as there is no hurry to get them onto a table.

But I have finshed a few Lannister units recently, which just about finishes off the whole army. These Lannister Guardsmen don’t hit very hard, but they are well armoured and can stick around for a bit.

Lannister Kingsguard

I am getting closer to completing my Lannister army, only a couple left now.

The Kingsguard unit, although only eight models, are likely to be quite good in combat, only to be let down by Joffrey’s dreadful abilities…

But they do look pretty. I decided not to ink the shields or cloaks and leave them pristine white, after all, these guys would have Squires to keep their gear in tip top condition.

Whats On The Table?

My Game Of Thrones Lannister army is actually nearing completion, the Kingsguard are next up on the painting table.

There seems to be two ways to go with these models, white or gold armour. As white is a hard colour to paint anyway, I decided for gold, but to give myself a challenge, I will do white cloaks and shields.

I have bought a pot of the new Games Workshop Apothecary White contrast paint but having tried it on a wizard model, it looks very grey. I want the Kingsguard to be very clean and bright so I may just go with unpolluted white.

I also have not decided what colours to paint King Joffrey the Idiot. He may have a red and yellow tunic with gold armour…

Game Of Thrones

Game Of Thrones is one of my favourite games at the moment. I have been adding Lannister units to the host over the last few weeks and finally geting the bases and movement trays done.

In last weeks game, I thought I would take a bunch of photographs now that the units are finished, but once the game started, I was so engrossed that I did not take as many as I wanted.

I did mange one picture of Joken’s Nights Watch units advancing across the battlefield. After that, I was so concentrated on what to do next and making sure I did not forget any rules, that the camera did not get picked up again.

So at the end of the game, I just took a couple of pictures of a few of the Lannister units in all their red and armoured glory.

Maybe in the next game I will get my act together and take more action pictures, especially as the next new unit will be the Warriors Sons in their fancy silver armour.

Whats On The Table?

I am still not convinced that ranged units are that good in Game Of Thrones A Song Of Ice And Fire, but I have purchased a unit of Lannister Crossbowmen just in case they get hard to find.

I am aiming to get these finished over the weekend in time for a game on Monday night. Like some of the other models in the CMON range, it is really hard painting the chest behind the crossbow.