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Lannister Mountains Men

The Mountains Men are the only Lannister unit that I have that are not red, I have decided not to get any Pyromancers or Poor Fellows as I want an army of professional soldiers, or something like that anyway.

They are a good all round tough unit and like most units in the game, if they can hit whilst at full strength on a charge, then the results can be spectacular.

Lannister Knights

The first of my Knights Of Casterly Rock. As these, like all figures in the CMON range come in a single pre-built piece, painting behind the shield is a bit tricky. Once again it is the dilemna of needing to put much colour of bits you can’t see very well.

The Knights are obviously an Elite unit, they hit very hard when they charge, but they do not like being stuck in a prolonged combat, the effectiveness of their attacks greatly reduces in subsequent turns.

When I have more infantry painted, I will have to try an army without any Knights just for a change.