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Small Ships Ahoy!

Andy of Steinberg Shed Space decided to pick up some Dystopian Wars ships along with the 1.1 and 2.0 rules. As I have a fleet and the 1.0 rules, we thought we could confuse ourselves plenty with a game.
I have not played Dystopian Wars for a while and I had almost forgotten how much fun it is…

I was using 900 points of my Kingdom Of Britannia fleet and was to face the Federated States Of America…I thought we were allies?

My favourite model in the Britannia fleet is the mighty Majesty Class Dreadnought. I have found it is a good idea to take some sort of picket line to help protect it from air attacks, hence the Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Torpedo Bastion Escorts.
The FSA Saratoga Carrier, like most (all?) of the carriers in the game have very little offensive capability, unless of course you count the hordes of planes they can refuel and dispatch back into the fray. I decided to hurl my Dive Bombers at the Saratoga but the FSA Fighter Cap and the Anti-Aircraft barrage from the Saratoga took out several of the Dive Bombers and caused the rest to abort their bombing run.
The Britannia Illustrious Class Sky Fortress is pretty much the same as the FSA carrier in performance, apart from rearming and refueling the tiny flyers, the two main guns can’t take on big opponents.
The FSA do like their airships and as these Lee Class Scoutships are armed with medium range rockets and equipped with some extra armour, they are quiet effective.
The FSA Bombers were able to stand off and launch torpedoes at the Brits, but the FSA Independence Class Battleship unsurprisingly found itself somewhat outgunned by the Britannia Dreadnought.
The Dreadnought pretty much dominated the game, with its escorts keeping the aircraft away, it was able to deal plenty of damage to the enemy capital ships.

I must make some bases for the tiny flyers so a dice can be kept with them, I only need three after all.

The Britannia Eagle Class War Rotor is a great looking model, but for the points, it is under gunned when compared to what 120 points will buy of surface ships.
The Illustrious Sky Fortress took a few hits from the FSA Airships and then crossed their path to be able to fire front and rear guns.
It was a fun game although I did have to look up plenty of rules. By the end, the Britannia Dreadnought clearly commanded the sea.

I also got to use the sea mat from Game$ Work$hop’$ Dread Fleet game, which looks very nice indeed.