Savage Wave Small Guys

These were finished just before I headed off to America, some proxy figures to be used as Oni Slaves and Okina and Oto the Bakemono drumming combo.
Some of the little Bakemono figures are quite difficult to paint as in some places I can’t tell what a part of the model actually is. Anyway, they are so small, you can get away with random colours…

Savage Wave Bruiser

Should Orcs be brown or green? I guess from my early GW playing days, I have ended up going the green route, as can be seen from my Confrontation Orc horde (I must post more pictures of them sometime).

Here is a Savage Wave Bruiser. Green and mean. I like his hat!
savagewavebruiser1I should have some spare Confrontation Orcs with a suitable oriental feel that could be proxied in to Bushido, I can think of a couple straight away…

Not Painting Much

I won’t be painting much this week as I have made a last minute trip to America to visit family. There is also a strong likelihood that I will be returning with a case full of Dust figures from the Miniature Market. Like I need even more stuff to paint, but as I have ranted before, prices in the US are so much cheaper that this was another opportunity to stock up on mostly Axis forces.


Inked Savage Wave

The Savage Wave are nearly finished, I still need to paint Waka – The Rampager but I’ve been having trouble with the arm holding the statue head…

Below are shots of pre-inked and post-inked models. The ink is still wet so they look a bit more shiny that they really are. Also some of the ink will evaporate and reduce the level of shading a bit.

I thought the Coat d’arms Blood Red was going to be a bit to bright for their skin, but the ink has calmed it down nicely.

Here are two of the Bakemono, once again all I did was block paint the model before inking.

Grimdark Racing

Had a go of the freebie One Page Rules created game Grimdark Racing this evening. I really should have taken some pictures…

I was quite fun, but I think we will be tweaking the rules a bit to try to balance it out. Fast moving bikes seem to be the way to go, the slow heavy vehicles are just too…slow. I also think we need a way to restrict runaway leaders, perhaps the lead vehicle does not get any Dispensed items or Boosts!

Rumaging around in the Loft Full Of Lead, I have found a couple of mini projects for the next race.

Firstly and old GW bike, The Vincent I think from a few years ago, maybe more than a few years ago. It has a Chaplain rider and is very much based in the Harley style.

Secondly, an old Super Cyboar that needs repainting and rebasing. I have a few of these so will try something different with each one, This could be the start of my resurrected No Limits Ork army.

It will not take long to get these two ready for the next race. The bigger bit of work is to amend the rules and get everyone to agree!

100 Posts!

I have actually managed 100 posts. Some people have even read them. Some have even been commented on, it is always nice to get some feedback on posts, so thank you!
100th-postThe original goal was to try to encourage myself to paint some of the huge backlog of models in The Loft Full Of Lead. So far, progress has been pretty good, some old models have been dug up from the loft and painted and of course there have been some new purchases painted up as well.

More of the same will follow in the coming months.