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40K Battle

On the rare occaision we get a weekend game organised, it is great to have the time to set up a complex table of terrain, get loads on toy soldiers on the table, eat pizza, roll buckets of dice and have a thoroughly enjoyable day.

It does take me ages to actually get the pictures online, this battle was played some time ago, my Grey Knights and Blood Angels against a massive horde of Death Guard.

So I am not going to make any comments, just leave this big list of picture here…

Blood Angels vs Death Guard

Some time ago, my Blood Angels went up against Mr Steinbergs dastardly Death Guard. I used some really old Marines as a Veteran squad, armed with some interesting looking classic weapons, most of which just “counted as” Bolt Guns.

Mr Steinbergs Death Guard have some really nice looking models like this Rhino, and…

…a couple of Blight Drones and a winged Demon Prince.
A Lascannon armed Razorback gave some additional heavy hitting for the Blood Angels, essential for trying to take down some of the bigger Chaos targets. A standard Tactical Squad is always a challenge to use and you really don’t want them getting into melee.

Mr Steinberg has plenty of Disgustingly Resilient infantry to back up the heavier units and my Blood Angels always struggle to take enough of them down.

I have some rather non-standard Space Marine bikes, another of my units that does not come out very often. Their speed is great, but they do get themselves into trouble easily and have to try to smash their way through.

Another of my old Blood Angels units is a squad of Assault Marines without Jump Packs, a squad that do not get used very often. However, I did find that getting to close to a couple of Blight Drones is not generally a good idea as they have nasty auto hitting flamer type weapons.

Once the Blood Angels Assault Squad had been overwhelmed, the Drones and the Demon Prince moved in on my Tactical Squad.

One unit that did do better was the slightly newer Jump Packed equipped Assault Marines with a Sanguinary Priest, these did manage to do some damage before they to were overwhelmed. I do like the Sanguinary Priest model in his robes.

When one bike gets attacked by a squad, the end is nigh…

A good game and still no hint of a Primaris model.

Kill Team Orks vs Blood Angels

Plenty of Kill Team going on at the moment, this time my old Blood Angels had a go against some of Mr Steinbergs new Orks.

There were plenty of Ork Burnas, so I did not fancy charging them unless I really had to.

Sometimes it just best to hold the high ground and cover the area with superior firepower, in this case a heavy bolter.

We played an objective holding game again using the small generator bits as the object to hold.

With plenty of Burnas heading towards the outnumbered Marines, it was vital to get some flesh wounds on some if they could not be taken out altogether.

I have found it is possible to have a model position itslef half way up a ladder, very handy!

It is very difficult to defend against several Burnas rushing towards a single bloke guarding an objective.

This Space Marine model is one of my favourite sculpts from the classic era, usually my squad Sergeant.

The Burnas are actually quiet good in melee, their flamers act as a very heavy blunt instrument.

A few multiple combats soon sorted out the super human men from bad ass green skins.

A single Grot against a Space Marine, there is only one way this is going to end.

The best comedy moment of the game was right at the end when a Grot had a (slim) chance to dispute an objective. All he had to do was jump off a very high walkway and survive the impact.

He did not make it…

Space Marine Battle

After the Knights versus Titan game a few weeks ago, we used the same setup to have a game of Space Marines against Space Marines.

For a change, I decided not to use any Death Company, no Sanguinary Guard and no named characters.

My old Terminators on 25mm bases should give you an idea of the era I come from.

A good deal of Mr Steinbergs marines are of a similar age, so we had plenty of old beaky marines converted in all sorts of ways.

The missions and objective cards make the latest 40K version a good game to play, points are easily won and lost. Having units that can get around quickly are generally a benefit.

I had a Tactical Squad in a Rhino to try to give them plenty of speed when trying to get to an objective.

The Baal is a great shooty vehicle when armed with an Assault Cannon, Heavy Bolters and a Storm Bolter, 20 dice I think…

Mr Steinberg had Veteran squads, armed with various weapons, these started the game guarding one of the objectives.

This is quite literally a heavy metal Dreadnought, an old lump of a lead model with Assault Cannon and Powerfist.

Mr Steinbergs Terminators supported by a Librarian teleported in behind the Blood Angels starting point and exchanged fire with the Ball and a Librarian Dreadnought for several turns.

The Blood Angels Terminators teleported onto an objective and proceeded to cause havoc against the veteran Marines.

I have never used a Land Speeder, but Mr Steinberg likes to field a couple, I’m sure I have an old lead one in the loft still in its packaging…

Terminators in a crater, that will be +1 to their saving throw then.

One of the newer models in my Blood Angels is this Librarian Dreadnought, whats is not to like, a psychic Dread!

I dropped my Blood Angels Assault Marines on top of the processing tower, ready to charge the next turn.

The Tactical unit gave up their transport and got into the fight, can’t spend the whole game getting a ride.

I still really like this version of 40K, so glad we decided to give it a go.

Blood Angels On The Move

I can’t remember which edition of 40K I started my Blood Angels army, but it has grown quite a bit over the years. As it has expanded, I have just added more and more figure cases until it was just too many. So recently I acquired a large red Games Workshop carry case, well, red is a good colour for Blood Angels.
As it is nice and deep, the Rhino’s and Baal Predator could go in end first so they could all fit.

However, my two Stormravens just will not go in here as well so they still have their own case…

Forge World Dread

This is another model that has been in the Loft Full Of lead for ages, when I say ages, I mean years and years. I think this was the first Contemptor Class Dreadnought released by Forge World.

I have magnetized the weapon mounts so there is plenty of scope for weapon combinations using the three I have and possibly adding more in the future.

I really like the model, but having it for years, I was not sure how to paint it, Blood Angels red or perhaps a gun metal and silver finish. I already have four Blood Angels Dreadnoughts so did not really need another. So I went down the metallic route as a Dreadnought for the Grey Knights.

40K 8th Edition

Warhammer 40K 8th Edition has been kicking around for a while now and Mr Steinberg and I have once again delved into Games Workshop’s game of never ending war. The quick start rules were available free and the army indexes meant it did not cost much to try it out. In fact Mr Steinberg bought the indexes so I did not have to spend a penny. To start with anyway…

I have been playing 40K on and off since Rogue Trader first came out 30 years ago! The first book was great, 2nd Edition was good, I started to lose interest after 3rd Edition and tried 5th and 6th without much joy. I don’t think I even noticed 7th Edition being released.

I really wanted to like this edition. I have plenty of models, especially Blood Angels that have been added to in more recent years, around 5th Edition I think. I have always liked the setting and the massive range of models, loads of which have been languishing the Loft Full Of Lead for years.

We have had several games in the last few weeks, mostly with my Blood Angels against Mr Steinbergs close combat heavy Nurgle force.

I have to say I am quite impressed. It plays well, even if it is still using the I GO YOU GO turn mechanic rather than alternative activation, which I do prefer.

One thing you do need is loads of dice, especially if attacking with chainsword wielding Death Company.

Mr Steinberg has a number of proxy models in his Nurgle force, but they all looked fantastic. The Greater Beast of Nurgle (above) was pretty much a tank and a tank killer. These Nurgle will double up in Dragon Rampant, so I will be seeing plenty more of these…
The Psychic phase is quite powerful and most models seem to spend plenty of time Smiting anything within 18″. As it is a Mortal Wound, it cannot be saved.

Cover increases a units armour save by 1, but for Marines with a standard 3+ save it does not really make a huge difference, I spend my time rolling 1’s anyway for armour saves, just ask my Terminators, oh no, wait you can’t, they all died.

There are a couple of things that I am not keen on, mostly around movement and charges. All models charge 2D6 inches, regardless of what their basic move is. So a unit of jump pack equipped Assault Marines with a move of 12″ can charge as far as a unit of Terminators with a move of 5″.

I think for units with a greater basic move should be able to charge 3D6 and discard the lowest dice. House rule!

Another issue is that character models are no longer part of a unit, they are individual models. This can cause problems when trying to get a squad and a character to charge at the same enemy, the squad may not succeed in their 2D6 charge, but the character may and end up all on his own in combat. So far, I have found it best to first attempt to charge with the squad and if they make it, then attempt to charge with the character.

Close combat has improved, models can freely leave combat in the movement phase without suffering a free hit, but they generally can’t fire weapons or charge again.

There is no Overwatch, basically any unit being charged can shoot at the attackers but only hit on a 6.

I like this edition, a great improvement over the last edition I played. We will continue to thrash out some games.

I have the new Grey Knights Codex and need to work out if the models I have fit well enough into the revised structure. My Grey Knights were last used when the Inquisition were in the same army list, so I do not have a large number of pure Grey Knights. As we are currently playing 75 power points in a game, I should be okay.

One thing I noticed in the Grey Knights Codex was that my three Forge World models were not listed, it is a good that Google provides all the answers. My two Dreadnoughts and a Vortimer Pattern Land Raider Redeemer are 35 power by themselves.

I am also going to catalog my old Orks and Tyranids to see what I can field but both of these forces are really old and do not include anything released in about the last 20 years. Most of my Orks will look like Gretchin compared to today’s model sizes. Should be fun.

Baal Predator

After my first game of the latest incarnation of Warhammer 40K, I quickly decided I needed some emergency maintenance work on the Ball Predator to remove the Flamestorm and replace it with an Assault Cannon.

The Flamestorm was too unpredictable for me with its D6 attacks, I prefer the guarantee of rolling 2D6 with an Assault Cannon.

I had to carefully score the Flamestorm join and then basically snap it off. When I glue something, it is pretty well glued!

I was able to tidy up the turret fixing and attach the Assault Cannon without too much grief.

I have not glued the Assault Cannon, it is a tight fit, I may be able to repair the Flamestorm and make them interchangeable.

Classic GW Models

A friend was rummaging through his Loft Full Of Lead (or should that be Loft Full Of Plastic) and found these three old GW models from the last century. The original Land Raider, Rhino and Predator. I have now inherited these and will have to see what I can do with them. I originally painted the green Land Raider a long long time ago back when you could buy two Land Raiders in a box. Back in those days before there were loads of Space Marine Chapters with bright colour schemes, I always thought it better to have some sort of camouflage and painted my first Marines and tanks green! Of course these days, most of the old Marines have been repainted red for my Blood Angels…
I must take a few pictures comparing the size difference of the current and original Land Raiders and Rhino, the original Rhino looks so small.