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Carrier Commanders

Although I am many months away from having a finished carrier, these two Hasslefree models based on Adama and Tigh from Battlestar Galactica, will be perfect for the command bridge.


Fist Full Of Kung Foo Gang

Fist Full Of Kung Foo is a skirmish game that requires a nice small number of models. It was easy enough to have a quick rummage through The Loft Full Of Lead and dig up some appropriate chaps to fight mu corner.

A Fist Full Of Kung Foo gang has a Protagonist, a gang leader who is the star of the show. All of the other other models are Extras and are very much expendable. For my gangs Protagonist, I picked a Hero Cop and selected this fine upstanding character from Aberrant Games.
These two are from Hasslefree, a zombie hunter with a shotgun and a cricket bat and a Lara lookalike.
If I remember right, the middle figure is from Hasslefree and the other two chaps are from Heresy.
These next three are all from the old Target Games Warzone range, I think all three are Agents. These never got used in my Warzone forces, I just liked the models.
I really can’t remember who made these two lovely ladies.
As a gang for Fist Full Of Kung Foo they work well, a nice mix of individual models, but as the rules say, don’t get too attached to the Extras.