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Classic GW Models

A friend was rummaging through his Loft Full Of Lead (or should that be Loft Full Of Plastic) and found these three old GW models from the last century. The original Land Raider, Rhino and Predator. I have now inherited these and will have to see what I can do with them. I originally painted the green Land Raider a long long time ago back when you could buy two Land Raiders in a box. Back in those days before there were loads of Space Marine Chapters with bright colour schemes, I always thought it better to have some sort of camouflage and painted my first Marines and tanks green! Of course these days, most of the old Marines have been repainted red for my Blood Angels…
I must take a few pictures comparing the size difference of the current and original Land Raiders and Rhino, the original Rhino looks so small.

Scibor Marine

When building my Grey Knights army, I wanted to have some models that were a bit different to the normal GW range. The Scibor marine range is a perfect range of alternative heavily armoured models that fit into the Grey Knight style. A little expensive, but then GW models are not exactly cheap these days.
With this particular model, I just had the one piece torso and so used GW arms and a head to finish it off.

Devout Warriors

Warrior-with-hammer1Here are two Reaper Miniatures that I bought a couple of years ago. These were to be used as a Retinue troops in my Grey Knights army, but as they are not armed with any technological weapons, they can also double up in fantasy games. I love it when that happens, a model that can get used in more than one army or even genre.

I have also started playing Empire Of The Dead and these two models will fit into a Holy Order crew. So that makes about four different games that these guys can get used in.
There are so many great Reaper Miniatures, the biggest trouble I have is the time it takes going through the entire range looking for a bunch of models that I can use in different games and periods. If you do follow the link, just ignore the white “Bones” range of resin Reaper figures as they a rubbish, but fortunately there are metal eqivilants for most if not all of them.