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Industrial Build Options

There are several ways to build the industrial terrain models that I have been working on as there are lots of common pieces between the various individual models.

This means that I can mix up a few bits and make what is essentially a new kit. In this case, by using the support structure from the Crosswalk Tower and some round levels, I have ended up with what is effectively a pringle-less tower.

Without relying on the tube, the tower can be any height, so I started with a single level and twin level model.

ROBIN This Weekend

Mr Steinberg and I are going to the ROBIN wargames show on Sunday 17th February in Nottingham. We will be setting up a table and putting on some demonstration games of Kill Team and Rogue Stars, or more likely, just hanging out.

Most of the stuff, except for some of the newer prototype models are available on the Products For Wargamers, so we hope to have a table that is not too far away from the trade stand.

I just need to finish some of the new prototype models off before Sunday. We are apparently not getting a very big table, so there will only be space for the industrial terrain.