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I was in San Francisco in August and went to Alcatraz, which is well worth a visit if you are ever there.

At the mainland dock is a huge model of the island which looks suspiciously like it would be perfect for a game of something involving 28mm figures.

Dust, Konflikt ’47 or Bolt Action perhaps?

Maybe a zombie game of some description, that would work well as there is no escape from the island…


Cobble Test

Textured wallpaper makes for great cobbles when glued onto a decent surface. As a first test, I used a circular cake display board and stuck down the paper with wood glue.

I started by undercoating the paper with some light grey Pebeo Acrylic paint and then paining a few cobbles with darker greys. After a few I decided that it was not good enough and decided to try ink to bring out the detail. Definitely the right move!

I tried Devlan Mud and Seraphim Sepia first. The Sepia was too light and yellow looking. The Devlan Mud is good, but as it is no longer available, it will be difficult to do the large 2′ by 2′ boards I have planned.

The Army Painter Dark Tone is a bit darker than the Devlan Mud, but as it is easier to get, I may well go in that direction.


New Crane Finished

I finished my TT Combat crane recently and it had its first game recently. I still need to glue some of the bits together but it held together okay for the game.
I also need to sort out the lifting mechanism as currently there is a bit too much string.

The long planned dock and warehouse terrain project may start to gather some more pace. With all of the old AT-43 containers I have, it should look pretty good if I can get going.

I also used a new TT Combat warehouse building, visible on the right, but more of that later.

TT Combat Crane

This model is perhaps not quite steampunk enough, but I really liked the size and look of the thing.

It is a nice big piece that still has plenty of room for models to move around under and on it.

When I was at a port last year, I took some photos of the massive cranes to get some inspirations for colours. I have decided to go with a mix of red, grey and yellow spray paints for the base colours.

After building the cab and undercoating it, I thought I should have cut some clear plastic windows to fit when it was finished, I guess I will have to do it the hard way. Or not at all.