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Industrial Control Tower

This new tower design has more options to open up the interior with some double height level supports. This makes it easier to get hands into the tower to get at models and move them around.

The look of the tower with the opened up sides makes for a nice variation on the tower theme.


LED Landing Pad

Over the last few weeks, I have been very busy making mdf industrial terrain to fill a 6 x 4 table.

For one of the sections, I decided to add some LEDs, and make a landing platform.

It seems to be a bit brighter than I thought it would be.

But when a nice big flyer is plonked on it, the effect if cool with the lights illuminating the underside of the vehicle.

I may well be adding some more lights…

Trench System

trench1I hate to admit it, but several years ago I bought a brilliant trench system from Kalistra…and then did nothing with it.

This is a modular system that will easily stretch the width of a four foot table. I want to add some more balsa planking to the duckboards and make it a bit more messy.

So having finally bought a compressor for my airbrush, I feel that I can have a go at painting it up so we can try some plan some storm the trenches games for Bolt Action, Konflikt 47, Dust and Steam Wars.

The Hills Are Alive

Not alive perhaps, but resprayed.

I would not like to know how old these hills are, they have been in my collection for a good few decades.

These had originally been a very boring plain goblin green, but that worked as an undercoat for my next spraying session.

I just used a few different greens and had a go at blending some colours, not bad for a first attempt.

I got stuck a few times with the airbrush stopping, not due to clogging, but a mixture screw getting moved accidently, I am still getting the hang of this airbrushing lark…