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Random Terrain

One can never have enough terrain.


Inked MDF Houses

MDF just soaks up paint, so inking seems to be the way to go. These have been inked with Red Earth ink on the brickwork and Burnt Umber on the roof. A few random bricks were picked out with more ink.

I think the painted white window frames work better than the Burnt Umber ink as they add a better contrast.

These give me some confidence in tackling the large warehouses I have to do.

Stone Jetty

Recently I had a pile of IKEA furniture to make and it is always supplied with plenty of useful packing material, from polystyrene to hardboard. Being a bit of a hoarder, I tend to keep loads of this stuff for terrain projects, like this:.

Using some of the 20mm thick polystyrene, I have made a couple of short jetty’s that will allow small vessels to moor. These are simply covered in textured wallpaper with some balsa added to trim the edges.

Adding the balsa hides the curved edge to the wallpaper and should look better when painted.

Foam Tiles

Some time ago, I bought some slabs of blue foam, enough to make four 24″ square tiles. The plan is to make these into a harbour and factory complex for several different wargaming genres.

The easiest and quickest method is to cover the sections in textured cobble effect wallpaper and then slap some grey paint all over it. My test piece a few weeks ago came out very well, I just needed to scale the process up to some much large tiles.

The wallpaper was not wide enough to completely cover a tile, so I had to get inventive and create a join. If you can’t hide it, make a feature of it, so I cut a random pattern thought the cobbles.

This was then glued to the foam tile and left to dry.

A corresponding piece was cut and glued to the remaining section. Flock will be used to cover the gap and with luck, it should all look okay.

I was not happy with my first go at finishing an edge, I was going to use balsa to tidy up the lower portion, but I did not like it. I have another idea that may be better.

Not all of the edges need to be detailed, only two would typically be front facing, but I guess I could have an “L” shape harbour as well.


I was in San Francisco in August and went to Alcatraz, which is well worth a visit if you are ever there.

At the mainland dock is a huge model of the island which looks suspiciously like it would be perfect for a game of something involving 28mm figures.

Dust, Konflikt ’47 or Bolt Action perhaps?

Maybe a zombie game of some description, that would work well as there is no escape from the island…