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Whats On The Table

The building and painting process for the MDF Tudor buildings is pretty straight forward. Once each of the floor shells are completed, they are painted in what ever base colour is required. This one is with Homebase Sandstone Masonry Paint, a pot I found in my garage that has been there for a few years.

I used a black marker pen to run over the leaded pattern in the windows. The beams and window frames are then painted a dark brown.

Once the window frames are glues to the outer beams, a bit of dry brushing with the Sandstone pickes out the edge nicely.

Next stage will be to glue on all the beams.

Whats On The Table

I am having a Tudor house building and painting binge at the moment. Several of the model options have been finished over the last few weeks and I have been adding variations to one of the basic designs to vary the appearence.

I should have enough of this design for my Tudorish town soon.

To go with the Viking Longship, I have also designed a prototype jetty. I have a few more ideas for this which I will try to get finished in the next couple of weeks.

MDF Church

One of my recent MDF designs is a rather traditional looking church. It is pretty big, but these things are meant to dominate the center of a town. This particular model is a display model for Product For Wargamers and I have another I need to paint and build for myself.

It looks good on the Deep Cut mat, I just need to complete the rest of the town and get some more Tudor style buildings completed.