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Industrial Containers

It is always good to have plenty of scatter terrain, small bits, medium bits and big bits. These containers fit in the medium category I reckon.

The first containers I made were simple boxes that stacked and are designed to complement the Industrial Terrain range.

I wanted the next one to be a bit different, with a central core surrounded by a reinforced girder structure. This picture below is a prototype that was a bit hard to build so I had to tweak it a bit.

The latest creation is this container below that has working doors, I am really pleased with it. I need to get a few more cut and paint them up. Of course with opening doors, I will have to paint the inside as well…

It will be perfect for zombies to hide inside…

It Was Just Lying Around

When I was buying some Playmobil pirate ships to convert years ago, I got this island thingy with one of them. It went up into The Loft Full Of Lead with all the other stuff that gets forgotten about.

I decided to clean it up, cover some holes with bits of plastic and spray it a few colours. It still needs some more work, but it may actually be a decent bit of terrain when it is done.

Whats On The Table?

The smaller scatter terrain pieces for Warcry have loads more detail than I thought when I first undercoated them. Apart from the skulls, there are fiddly ropes and more metal work to do.

After lots of drybrushing they are coming along, but these bits have taken as long as the large ruins.

Will be having the first game with the terrain later even if some needs some finishing touches.

Whats On The Table?

Painting the large Warcry terrain pieces is actually quite easy, I undercoated them in a couple of shades of gray and Burnt Umber for the wood.

The worse bit however was painting all of the ironwork black, it took ages to do on all the sections!

The other bits of scatter terrain have more fiddly bits to do and so will take a bit longer.

I have the bell tower to finish as well, I really like the terrain and this will get used in many games!

Warcry Terrain

I was determined to build the Warcry terrain over the New Year break, I even took advantage of some YouTube videos with hints on how to build the pieces correctly so they can be used in all the scenarios (as opposed to the way the instructions say to build them).

They go together well, in fact they could actually be built any number of ways.

The bell tower is pretty cool, but I’m not sure why a model would want to go all the way to the top…

And there are plenty of spiked barricades that are sharp enough to draw blood.

Now I need to add these to the painting pile.