MDF Church

One of my recent MDF designs is a rather traditional looking church. It is pretty big, but these things are meant to dominate the center of a town. This particular model is a display model for Product For Wargamers and I have another I need to paint and build for myself.

It looks good on the Deep Cut mat, I just need to complete the rest of the town and get some more Tudor style buildings completed.

Prototype Tudor House

One of my many many MDF projects is to create a range of Tudor style buildings. I designed a basic cottage ages ago and want to take it much further and design a small town. A town of about 10 different building designs.

The first test building is this basic two floor house with removable levels. The floor area is quite small but I want to have a variety of building sizes to fit the rather excellent Deep Cut Cobble Matt.

The first prototype building turned out pretty good with only a few small fixes required to the beams and the roof.

I can’t keep all of the prototypes that I end up building, if they can’t be painted and used then they have to get thrown away. But for this one, rather than chuck it in the bin, I decided to paint it as is to test out some colour options. Normally I would paint the bits before gluing it together as it is generally much easier, but as this was a test build, it was not really worth pre-painting.

I found some large pots of masonry paint in my garage and wondered what they would look like. Painting the bits between the beams is much more difficult when the building is finished so I have no idea how this is going to turn out. It may yet end up in the bin.

Whats On The Table?

My Game Of Thrones Lannister army is actually nearing completion, the Kingsguard are next up on the painting table.

There seems to be two ways to go with these models, white or gold armour. As white is a hard colour to paint anyway, I decided for gold, but to give myself a challenge, I will do white cloaks and shields.

I have bought a pot of the new Games Workshop Apothecary White contrast paint but having tried it on a wizard model, it looks very grey. I want the Kingsguard to be very clean and bright so I may just go with unpolluted white.

I also have not decided what colours to paint King Joffrey the Idiot. He may have a red and yellow tunic with gold armour…

Proxy Tyranids

I have plenty of Sedition Wars models lying around, the Human Vanguard have been painted, but there are loads of the Strain that are not getting much attention.

With the expansion of my old Tyranid army, I thought I could proxy some of the models into Tyranid service.

Some of these will get used as Pyrovores and the two larger critters as something else…