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Kill Team Engines Of Destruction

Kill Team is a great skirmish level game for 40K. The Commanders expansion raised the stakes a bit, Elites are raising it a bit more, but the Engines Of Destruction expansion is taking it too far. Really? An Imperial Knight or a Land Raider in Kill team?


Imperial Knight Building

For my second Imperial Knight, magnetising the Chainsword/Power Glove options was a little bit more complicated then the ranged weapon options on the first Knight.

The first step was to get all the bits laid out so I could work out where to make the magnetised joint and what spacers were required for the magnets.

I had to do plenty of trimming and drilling on the main arm joint to take a 6mm diameter magnet.

Another magnet was added in the Chainsword join on top of some plasticard spacer.

This should work well when the whole thing is painted and fitted together.