I think there were only ever two sculpts of the Devourer Headhunters. These beasties were a bit smaller than the other Devourer models, perhaps as they were meant to be younger warriors.
In Confrontation, they had quite a short range missile attack and it was not very good.
I will have to merge them into another unit to use them in Dragon Rampant.


A magic wielding Devourer was never really my style, I always preferred the no nonsense tactic of charging into combat and grabbing victory by reducing my opponents into small lumps.
Of course that tactic did not always work, but it suited the Devourer style more than incanting a ritual or two.

Marauders OF Vile-Tis

Another of the final Rackham Devourer releases were these multi-part Marauders Of Vile-Tis.
They could go together in a variety of ways, all in fantastic dynamic poses.
I liked the throwing blades, which means I can give them a short range missile attack in Dragon Rampant.
My Devourer army is the only force I have ever painted without flocking the bases. All of Rackhams painted models were displayed on plain black bases, so as the Devourers were easy to mount with pins and not with the slotta tab, I though I would give it a go. I don’t think I would do it again, but as a one off, it was nice to do something different.
All five Marauders are fine sight and make for a good sized unit in Dragon Rampant.

Konflikt 47

Konflikt-47-coverI have just ordered my copy of Konflikt 47 for the rather excellent price of £17.13 from Books Etc.

This is yet another Weird War II set of rules but this time using the Bolt Action game mechanics.

So already knowing how Bolt Action pays, and liking those rules a lot anyway, this seems like a good way to get some more use out of my Secrets Of The Third Reich US Army models…and maybe even my Allies and Axis from the Dust range

Konflikt-47-Alternative-CoverThe models have been created by Clockwork Goblin and I had already bought some back at a Salute show ages ago for the British Steampunk army, although I did remove the Russian star from the chest plates of the heavy infantry.

The cover to the right must have been an early concept draft of the book cover as it is not the one that Osprey/Warlord Games have gone with.



35 Year Wait Is Over

35CalIt has been 35 years since the last British rider won the premier motocycle racing class, a certain Barry Sheene back in 1981. Today, at a wet Brno, the rather appropriately numbered Cal Crutchlow finally put that bit of history out the back door and into the distant collective national memory.
A superbly judged tyre choice saw him slice through the field from 15th on lap one to take the lead and win by 9 seconds or so from the equally amazing Valentino Rossi.

To make the day even better, John McPhee won his first Moto3 race and Sam Lowes came second in the Moto2. The Motorcycle Olympics!

The next race is at Silverstone and I will be there in the Village Grandstand cheering the Brits and Valentino on.