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Whats On The Table?

My first Lannister unit for Game Of Thrones A Song Of Ice And Fire is just about done, I still need to finish the bases for the models and the movement tray, but they are nearly there.

As these are The Mountain’s Men, I did not want to use and red that will be the main colour for the rest of the Lannister infantry.

Whats On The Table?

I have set a myself a deadline to get my Ragnarok warband painted so we can get a game in.

Most of these are old Rackham models that I had forgotten about, along with a couple of other random models that will fit in.

The larger of these last two burly chaps was started many years ago, never got beyond the flesh and you can see that the latest models done were with a completely different flesh colour.


The box with these in them tipped off the edge of my desk and they ALL broke. There was a big heavy Screamer Killer at the other end of the box and when it got picked up, this lot forgot how to fly.

One of the disadvantages of lead figures, they don’t bounce. Mind you if the Screamer Killer had hit the floor instead, I reckon he would have put a dent in it…

Not a big deal really, they all need painting anyway and these are not going to make it into my starting Tyranid 75 power army.

Armorcast Haruspex

Another unloved model in the Loft Full Of Lead is this old Armorcast Haruspex. With the resurgence of my Tyranid horde, I will need this large creature to give my mostly infantry army some decent hitting power.

It should go together like this…

…but I seem to remember seeing one put together as below, the arms switched so they are out to the sides. I think it looks pretty cool, but I’m not sure if I should just go with what nature intended…

Tyranids To Paint

Having tarted up a few Tyranids a while back for Kill Team, I have decided to tart up the rest of my old 1990’s Tyranid mini-horde and get them into 40K 8th Edition.

All I am doing is rebasing the models, touching up a bit of the very basic paint job and then inking the hell out of them.

I have too many other projects on the go and really do not want to do a major repainting undertaking on the whole army.

The rest of the Genestealers, Termagants and Hormagaunts did not take long to freshen up and they amke up the bulk of the horde.

Fortunately there are only about six models that need completely painting and they will get a similar scheme to the rest so they sort of fit in…

It does make me wonder how many games I played back then with unpainted models, something that I refuse to do these days.

I only have one old Zoanthrope model so will be running it as a Neurothrope instead.

As for this old Hive Tyrant, it is a bit small by todays standards and the model does not quite match the model profile in the Tyranids Codex. So this critter will be used as a Tyranid Prime instead.

My nice big scary heavy chunk of lead that is a Screamer Killer has been sitting around unloved for so many years that the undercoat has started to crack.

To finish off a few units, I just had to buy a couple of original lead Gargoyles to allow me to make a unit of ten, I bought one Tyranid Warrior with a Venon Cannon (I reckon I will need a few more big guns), and finally I did buy a painted large winged Hive Tyrant from eBay as the big boss.