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Painting The Tower

This was definitely a good idea, painting the components before gluing it together.
The hex pattern looks really good and I have painted random hexes for a bit of variety.


Bases For Buildings

These two buildings were the prototypes so not available in this exact design any more, but I will still be using them in games.

I have added pavement bases to them to finish them off. Now ready for inking and painting.

I also have an idea to add some removable interior walls, well maybe one day.

MDF Building Marathon

Most of the MDF tower models I have built over the last few months have been for Jim to use on his Products For Wargamers stand at games shoes. I am now getting around to building some for myself.

This time around, I thought I would paint components before I stick anything together.
There is plenty to do, I plan to paint and then build three standard height Industrial Processing Towers (with Pringles tubes) and one double height tower.

All the towers will link together with ground level sections all designed to make one large industrial setup for use in 40K, Rogue Stars and Kill Team.

I just need to see how long it will all take.

Ocean Board Test

To go with my 4′ x 4′ port boards, I needed a 2′ x 4′ section of water. Rather than just paint a bit of board, I thought I would life difficult for myself and try something different.

I did start by just painting a bit of hardboard various shades of blue, perhaps not dark enough, but as a first go it will do.

Once that was all dry, I spread a whole tube of silicon sealant over the entire surface with a wooden spoon. This left an interesting texture and helped to distort the paint underneath.

There are a few small gaps where the silicon missed here and there, but that sort of adds to the effect. There are also a few bits where the spreading has left an undesirable mark, but I think I can do a better job on the next version.