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Missile Rack

I have yet another weapon option for the top of the transporter. Over on the Lead Adventure Forum, a regular poster offered to send me a Taurox missile rack all the way from Finland for no charge, very nice of him indeed.

This weapon is nice and low profile and so looks perfect on the top of the transporter hull.


Forge World Dread

This is another model that has been in the Loft Full Of lead for ages, when I say ages, I mean years and years. I think this was the first Contemptor Class Dreadnought released by Forge World.

I have magnetized the weapon mounts so there is plenty of scope for weapon combinations using the three I have and possibly adding more in the future.

I really like the model, but having it for years, I was not sure how to paint it, Blood Angels red or perhaps a gun metal and silver finish. I already have four Blood Angels Dreadnoughts so did not really need another. So I went down the metallic route as a Dreadnought for the Grey Knights.

Finishing Internal Detail

The last bits have been added to the ship interior and I really should stop. Any blank wall space in the following pictures will have detail added when it is painted, these will mostly be computer displays with some graphics.

Other wall space has been covered in techno gubbins that should look okay when painted a multitude of colours.

Each side of the bridge has loads of bits, some in place to cover up dodgy joins between the wall and the deck, but most just to fill a space.

The main area has also had control panels and access panels added anywhere there is a gap, the last thing I want is flat wall space to paint.

The rear wall will have two displays added when the painting is done.

It is quite full now.

Radar Dish

Any decent spaceship needs a radar dish of some description. I have several options for the top of the hull, all interchangeable.

The radar dish is a few bases stuck together and finished with some perspex off cuts and plasticard.

Initially I did not have a bit for the center of the dish, I was going to use part of a pen, but at a wargames show last weekend, I found a plastic counter/token that would do the job for 20p, bargain.

I am actually quite pleased with it.

Upper Hull Detail

The upper hull of the transport has had plenty of rivets and detail added.

I may still add some more rivets, particularly around the edges.

The front recess also needs a bit more so there are not too many flat spaces left.

I found some really old plastic twin lascannons in the Loft Full Of Lead and have magnetized them so they can be used on the upper deck.

With a couple of magnets added, I can add just about anything now, I may have to make a small crane for hoisting supplies up and down!

An extra turret option on top is also available now.

Adding Details

With the fiddly bit done, the main build of the transport ship is done!

All that is left is to add three more rocket nozzles and more bits of interior detail. Then it is a case of waiting for a nice dry day to undercoat it.

The bridge had some plastic bits added to hide a few gaps, there are still some more control panels and screens to add to the walls here and there.

In the main area of the ship, I am working out where additional wall detail will go, hence a few bits positioned on the deck for the moment.

The resin wall features will be glued in place before undercoating as I want to add extra bits that will be easier to do now before any paint goes on.

It is starting to look finished!