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Transporter Detail

The interior gubbins has been finished off, the screens have been added and it is just about finished. I think.

The bridge has three screens on the main wall, and looks quite good.

The back wall of the bridge has a famous nebula display…

The green screen displays are not brilliant, but taken overall, they will have to do.

The EVA suits came up very nice.

The rear part is the engineering section with some Star Trek screens.

The Med bay area with medical bed and medical screens.

I may add a few more lengths of wire as it looks quite good.

When the lights are on, the red tubes illuminate nicely.

Now I need to work on the landing pad for it.


Captain America Shield

My sister bought this sheet metal Captain America Shield for me for Christmas as a challenge.

It is a fiddly little kit put together by bending very small tabs.

It even goes together as a concave shape which is pretty cool.

I have a stand for it as well, I just need to find a bit of shelf space.

Nearly Done

Some of the large transporter wall decor are separate resin bits, mostly from Ainsty and Antenocitis Workshop. These have been painted as individual components rather than trying to paint them glued into position.

I do like Antenocitis power junctions with the tinted plastic tube.

Next up are some Ainsty bits, a computer bank, a spacesuit (painted in 2001 colours), some oxygen/chemical tanks and a medical bed.

I have cheated a bit and used some printed screen images for monitors dotted around the ship. I still have two more do, but the finished screens have some displays from well known movies and tv.

The interior of the ship is nearly finished, I think.

I have to hope that some inking and the addtion of the wall components will bring it all together.