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Cutlass Games

Finally got to have a couple of pirate games, the first of which was with the Cutlass rules.

My first outing was with a Royal Navy crew, mostly armed with muskets and bayonets, but the second game was with a motley crew of swashbuckling rum swilling pirates.

A Royal Navy crew is all well and good, but all of the soldiers are armed the same, not a lot of room for variety. A pirate crew is much more fun as they can all be individually equipped with what ever they are modeled with.

The leader of my merry pirate crew is a great Ron And Bones model, Hank Blackheart, complete with an odd looking critter on his hat.

As you can see from the pictures, we use white counters to record a fired weapon, a puff of smoke to signify that the model needs to use an action to reload a weapon.

Cutlass does have an odd activation system, too complicated to go into here without writing several paragraphs. Suffice to say it is easily possible for models in base to base combat that should be fighting can actually stand around doing nothing whilst other models move and shoot. I think it is just different to what I am used to, an ever decreasing number of activations makes for some interesting choices as the game progresses.

We have a few more rules to have a go with, the next being Osprey’s On The Seven Seas which I have barely even read yet.