MotoGP Sepang

The MotoGP season is rapidly coming to an end and I have been sidetracked this weekend with the qualifying and racing from Sepang. In the early hours, on a wet track, Andrea Dovizioso won the race to keep his slim chances of the World Championship alive into the last round at Valencia in a couple of weeks.

I really should get back to some painting…

Thor Ragnarok

Really enjoyed the new Thor Ragnarok movie. I reckon that since the Guardians Of The Galaxy, Marvel have tried to add a lot more humour to their films. Thor Ragnarok has plenty of jokes with some of the best lines delivered by Jeff Goldblum playing the only character type that Jeff Goldblum can play.
Kate Blanchett plays the villainess brilliantly, who would have thought she could play such an action part with such evil charm.
It also has the most excellent use of a Led Zeppelin song in an action sequence. Twice.

Another success for the Marvel studio.

More Engine Work

These are taking shape, it is quite tricky to make a resilient tube, especially when you drill a 9mm hole in it.

It sure is a messy business.

Inside the tube, I wanted to make the supporting rods able to turn 90 degrees, so I have over engineered the inside and made a supporting pivot point.

Unfortunately the outside of the tube got a bit distorted so I will have to camouflage it some more with more plastic detail. Of course I may be the only one who notices.