Steam Wars Logo

I need a logo for my Steam Wars game and I guess it needs to be one I can create online at one of the freebie logo creation sites in various sizes.
I like the one above, Ringbearer font, it is nice and simple.

The above is Tropicana font, it is quite evocative of the steampunk genre.

The above is Vanilla Whale, which I do like due to the brassiness of the logo but the diagonals are not very smooth.

I’m still looking around a few sites for what I want, I guess I am really after something that has rivets!

Tower Stairs

battlemasterstowers2As I was filling all the gaps and adding some balsa planks, I decided that the stairs to the front door were too narrow for a figure to access. Also, it would not be possible to put a figure by the door so I thought I should do something about that and a hacksaw would appear to have solved the problem.

It would have been easier before I glued all the sections together but never mind.
It took a few bits of plastic to stretch out the entrance…
…and then a load of match sticks and balsa to cover up the handiwork.
I think this one is ready for undercoating.

AvP Delivers

Having paid for Aliens Vs Predator “The Hunt Begins” by Prodos back in November 2013, with it due in May 2014, it finally delivered today. February 2016. Excellent. That was a derisive, contemptuous, sarcastic, bitter, cynical and sardonic “excellent” by the way.
It has been so long and I have been so hacked off by Prodos that I have lost interest, at least for the moment.
I also think it is pretty unlikely that I will ever go in for another Kickstarter of this type again, especially as I can pick up the game cheaper now than the price I shelled out for it 27 months ago.

British Artillery Crew

artillerycrew1After doing a quick headswap the other week, these German British artillery crew got a very quick paintjob. This increases the number of British artillery crew I can field without having to use rifle armed models as crew.
Once they are painted up in the British colours, you would never know that they have now switched sides. There is not as much gold on them, but the artillery units in my army are a mishmash of models and they tend to be at the back trying to stay out of trouble.
I also have plenty of choice for heavy weapons, anti-tank guns, multi-mortars and shock cannon.

Custom Heavy Weapon

After making the mobile Rivet Machine Gun, I had a spare gunner sitting on a crate, so it was obvious that another weapons specialist would need to be thought up.

Using one of the steampunk heavy weapons from a previous Bob Olley Kickstarter, I started sticking bits together until a form began to take shape.
I added plenty of pipes and a scope of some description. The weapon tripod is some paperclip and plasticard.
A control panel from Curious Constructs/Zinge Industries was added to a couple of bits of Lego to make a nice addition. This give the impression of a prototype weapon that is still very much in the experimental stage.
The handles/trigger mechanism is not as good as I would have liked, but overall I think it will look pretty good when painted up.

Steam Wars Rivet HMG

I bought a couple of extra Rivet Wars Blight HMG thingy’s a while back as I thought they would make great additions to the Prussian force. Having removed the “rivet” driver, I needed a Prussian Scrunt pilot to take over. As part of my recent order to Olley’s Armies, I ordered some tank commander/gunner figures that should do the job.
I’m pleased to say that the figures sent through are perfect for the role and this will be my next conversion. This will be the Licht Gepanzert Maschinengewehr.