Mid-Nor Skinners

I was not sure how to paint these guys, but as they are mostly wearing armour I went with silver and plenty of ink. These are more models from the Confrontation Mid-Nor range.

MotoGP Aragon

This weekend I am off to the MotoGP in Aragon, Spain. It is my first trip to this relatively new track and features a massive stone cliff where the track drops down a huge elevation change.
Can’t wait, I will be cheering for Valentino Rossi after his brilliant win in Misano, but a certain Marc Marquez will be at home in Spain and looking for yet another race win for the year.

Interdimensional Beast Kickstarter

A while back I pledged for Andrew May’s Steampunk Infantry, a great range of models for larger steampunk skirmishes.

His latest Kickstarter is an Interdimensional Beast and a couple of steampunk heroes.

There are a few stretch goals unlocked and for a mere £30, you get a scarey tentacled monster with some eggs and squidlings along with the two monster hunters.

And for a bit extra, there are divers with spear-guns, I wonder what these would look like with some sort of retro jet pack on?

Can I resist? Not a chance, I’m in for few squid…

Mid-Nor King Part 2

As I am still having trouble taking decent pictures on a plain white background, I thought I would try a different approach and use a grass board and just light it well to avoid shadows.
This is another image of Yh-Karas, King Of The Abyss, a Confrontation Mid-nor model from a group of models with a chess theme running through them.
I think the result is better, less bleaching out of the colours and it takes less time to cut the image down to size for posting.

I can now think about trying some different board styles for different genres.