I though it would be good to keep a record of the models used in different armies across all the many games. On occaision a model or two may turn up in more than one army as I do like to get plenty of use out of models I have slaved over late into the night.

orc-vijkhal-the-braveFantasy Orcs
One of my favourite model collections, the Confrontation Orcs by Rackham. These also get used in No Quarter, Frostgrave and Dragon Rampant.

meridianinfantrybotsandwalkersSteampunk British
The backbone of the British Steampunk army is Andrew May’s Meridian infantry, but there are plenty of other models from the likes of Spartan Games and Clockwork Goblin.

scruntkaiserSteampunk Prussians
The Prussian Steamunk army started with Bob Olley’s Kickstarter and has grown and grown. It is a vehicle heavy army with two Kickstarter originating units from Ramshackle Games. Also sneaking in are a few Rackham Fantasy Dwarves and some very old Bob Olley sculpted Ogryns.

darklegionwarlordWarzone Dark Legion
Many of the Warzone model in this section were acquired via eBay, originally for use in an undead themed army for No Limits. With the release of Warzone Resurrection (fourth edition I guess), these have been finally getting painted. There are no new Prodos models in the army, this is very much a legacy models project.

Rackham Devourers are one of my favourite fantasy armies, giant snarling armed and armoured wolves. In a Confrontation game, I would usually get to use five to seven models at most. In Dragon Rampant, I can field plenty and they look mighty impressive.

dwarfchampionTir-Na-Bor Dwarfs
I have always wanted to do a small Dwarf army and the Rackham models were simply the best models produced. This is yet another set of models that were mostly acquired via eBay and then stored awaiting suitable inspiration to get started on the painting. Two games came along that encouraged me to get these out again, firstly Frostgrave and then Dragon Rampant.

dw1Dystopian Wars British Fleet
The Britannia fleet is plenty big enough and won’t be getting any bigger. At 1/1200 scale, you get plenty of ships on the table.

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