6mm Infantry

6mm infantry don’t take to much paint. Just trying to pick out the weapon is hard enough. When I based these year ago, I used modellers White Pumice to fill around the tiny bases which is messy stuff but looks okay.
These infantry were sculpted by Germy and sold by Brigade Games.

6mm Mech

I have had this model for a couple of decades I think, I really can’t remember where it came from, who makes it or why I bought it. As a first Mech for Horizon Wars it will certainly do. I may have to add a shoulder mounted weapon of some description.
I have two Battletech Mechs that are still in the packs that I will have to build and paint, one is a Madcat, my favourite Battletech model.

6mm APCs

HorizonWarsI have been getting ready for our first game of Horizon Wars recently and painting up some armoured units.

I have had a small (no pun intended) 6mm army kicking around for quite some time waiting for a set of rules to try out. Most of the models are from Brigade Games with a few other random bits thrown in.

First up are some APCs with a nice simple and quick paint job.
When I was buying stuff not really knowing what rules I would be using, I went for units of three models in most cases.