Zylon Steambots

Several months ago, I bought a set of these Dystopian Legions Automotans for use in Steam Wars, a box of ten allows for two squads to be made and I thought they would be good for some scenarios.

I have to say these were really hard to put together. Each model has separate legs which are hard to position so both feet sit squarely on a base. Glue all over my fingers and a red mist rising. Some of the arms are just as much fun trying to get both arms positioned so the weapon is supported.

Several times I simply put them aside wondering if I could put them back on eBay. But I don’t like to quit (not very often anyway) so I persevered and eventually got them all constructed over several days, doing one at a time and then having a large drink.
On the plus side, they were very easy to paint. A red dot for a “Cylon” eye and a few brass pipes. Even after all the grief of putting them together, they make a nice unit.


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