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Celt Figures For Ragnarok

I have the Ragnarok warband finished and ready for the first game this week.

This first set of figures are all old Confrontation models that I have almost forgotten about and were buried in the Loft Full Of Lead. I think it was Mr Steinberg who reminded me that I had them!

This model with the banner will be used as a Gothi War Priest I think.

There is not a lot of armour on these young ladies so not sure how long they will last

I went for a bit of blue warpaint on the faces as it seemed appropriate.

Now I just need to read the rules some more.

Whats On The Table?

I have set a myself a deadline to get my Ragnarok warband painted so we can get a game in.

Most of these are old Rackham models that I had forgotten about, along with a couple of other random models that will fit in.

The larger of these last two burly chaps was started many years ago, never got beyond the flesh and you can see that the latest models done were with a completely different flesh colour.

Dragon Rampant Tir-Na-Bor

Any excuse to show off one of my favourite armies.

My Rackham Dwarf army got another run out with Dragon Rampant recently, as I was setting them up I thought a nice army shot was called for.

A unit of Heavy Riders are the quickest unit in this force, a healthy move of 10″.

The most resilient unit is the Thermo Warriors as Elite Foot with their armour 4, they can certainly soak up some damage for a reduced model count unit.

Twelve Khor Warriors as Heavy Foot with their Wall Of Spears ability are better when charged than charging.

A new unit I tried out were my Forge Guardians as Offensive Heavy Foot, I also stuck my army leader in the unit.

The last of the infantry units are the Boors, the Belicose Foot, Wild Charging and great if they get in range.

The last chap is the Greater Warbeast Giant, I made him Ponderous to remove his Wild Charge, he is much to sensible for forced charging.

Confrontation Revived

It has been some time since we last had a game of Confrontation. Myself and Joken were determined to get a game in during 2018 and we have just managed it before we drift into 2019.

I fielded by favourite Devourers against Joken’s Tir-na-Bor Dwarfs.

We did our usual 400 points per side game, not a lot of models on each side, but enough for us to get a good game in and still make it down the pub afterwards.

The first few turns had plenty of maneuvering in readiness for the bun fight that was about to erupt.

The Devourer Huntsman was able to get a few shots off before close combat took over and I remembered why I like them so much, perforating Light Artillery!

Rather oddly, the first two kills, one on each side were the result of double six rolls rather than the usual attrition.

We have to play this game more often, it really is a good game. I have been wanting to paint my Cadwallon models for ages, years in fact. I must set myself a deadline.

Confrontation Kickstarter

Confrontation is one of my all time favourite games, simple as that, I love it. A small skirmish game with a huge range of amazing figures and plenty of factions to choose from.

After a couple of years of speculation, the Confrontation Kickstarter has arrived. I was looking forward to picking up a new faction to show my support in getting this game back out there. This Kickstarter is bound to make some serious money.

So here it is, one pledge level of UK£280 to get a big box of everything.

Unfortunately I already have a lot of what is in there so I will pass. Apart from the fact that it is UK£280 tied up in something you won’t even see for 2 years. And it is a new company with zero track record, I think I will pass.

And it seems the models will be made from pvc plastic which is truly rubbish so I will definitely pass.

Oh, and it will not ship until the end of 2019 so I will definitely pass. Kickstarters of this scale are usually late as well, so it will be well into 2020 before there is any chance of seeing anything, so I will definitely pass. I think I have made my mind up.

I will stick with my lovely old lead models, of which I have a few, and a few still unpainted, two whole forces but don’t tell anyone.

If you want some, go check out eBay for a few.

Khor Knights

My Tir-Na-Bor Dwarf army is nearly finished, the last main unit was these six Khor Knights on Razorbacks.

They are painted mostly in metallics with some Iron Grey so they fit in well with the rest of the army.

The models were provided with a choice of stream hammers or steam lances, but I decided to go with the steam hammers, the main reason being that they would not get bent and will pack in a case more easily. Anyway, hammers are more of a Dwarf weapon.