Armed Zombies

Can anything be more terrifying?

Zombies with guns!

The camouflage did not turn out too bad on these, just a Field Drab base coat with some green and browns for the detail.

In their first game, these terrors performed very well.

Whats On The Table?

I have been speed painting some Axis units for the next game of Dust Battlefield.

An entire Zombie platoon seemed like a good idea. I already have plenty of standard zombies, so adding some zombies with guns seemed like an insane thing to do, zombies with guns?

The first batch are The Cursed with plenty of anti-tank capability.

The second unit are Braineaters, which does not sound very pleasant, but these guys are a bit more shooty.

Deck Case

After several tweaks, the cards case is finished. I have cut a version that has a hole in the case so you can see what deck is inside. Not sure if this will be retained yet.

The drawer will take a deck on cards in its original box, or the cards can be loose.

Without the whole in the case, the contents obviously can not be seen, I am thinking about some icons to stick on the outside instead.

This was the first laser cut item I designed as it is basically a couple of boxes and not very big, a good place to start before moving on to the other larger objects such as the house and the start of the industrial complex.

Walls And Fences

Walls are always good and I wanted a 40mm high wall to block line of sight for standard sized models. These sections can be used to make various shapes and there is a gateway section in progress.

This next railings section was not as good and needs more design work to make is feasible. I like stuff to be durable and this would not last very long before it would break.

Industrial Tower

Apart from the mdf house I have designed, I am also working on a laser cut industrial complex for sci-fi games. My first piece is a tower using a Pringles container as the core. The idea is to have multiple pieces linking together with walkways and ramps.

This first attempt looks okay when put together, but it was very fiddly to construct. What seems like a good idea in a 2D design program does not necessarily translate to an easy to build kit.

So although the three level design will be retained, I have to go back to the drawing board (so to speak) to redesign the supporting structure. I have sketched out what should work better so will get busy redrawing the plans in the next week.

MDF House

Over the last couple of months, I have been trying my hand at some laser cut MDF things. I am getting better with the design software and have created my first house!

A basic house is easy enough as it is basically a box, but that is not say that there are still some tweaks required here and there. The template for the next version has been updated with a better roof and windows and is ready for cutting.