Reaper Clockwork Dragon

One of the models I picked up on my visit to the USA last year was a Reaper Bones Clockwork Dragon. I had spotted online that a few people had added extra cogs which looked rather cool. So not wanting to let a good idea go uncopied, I decided to unashamedly rip it off.
clockwork-dragon-2The default position for the wings is vertically straight up. To me, these look a bit to close together and parallel with each other. I am going to position the wings so they are angled out a little, or perhaps a lot. I just have to be brave and start cutting into the hinges. I’m sure the cat will help…

I found some cogs on eBay and a small bag arrived all the way from the far east for a few pennies.

Heavy Weapon Conversion

I received this Titan Forge Metal Beards bolt thrower as part of a Kickstarter ages ago. It was part of their huge Dwarf army range that included the Ancestral Zeppelins that I painted up for my Prussian Scrunts.

I decided I did not want to use it in a fantasy army so thought a steampunk conversion might be interesting.
I reversed the bow arms and covered up the bolt with a bit of plastic and a targeting scope.
Looking the way it does, I can pretty much make up any profile for it.

Objectives And Stuff

I wanted more objectives for my Steam Wars games but these things will also work for Rogue Stars and any other sci-fi game as well. The first lot were actually sold as custom sci-fi bases, but I thought they were so good that they would work as markers in their own right.
The last two are a bit older. The flying drilly thingy was from FASA’s Vor game quiet a few years ago and will get used as a drone of some sort.

Mechanica Gun Drones

Another purchase for the Steampunk Mechanica army were some Privateer Press gun robots. These are for one of the newer funny named factions I can never remember, but there are some nice models in the range that I can be tempted with.

I think there are meant to be some clear plastic flying supports in with the models, but not in my pack, so I made my own with paper clips.
Six in the pack, so I can either run these as a six model unit, or use one as a gun drone in a unit of robo-infantry.warmachine-eliminators1

Rogue Stars Hulk

Using my really old Space Hulk corridors, we set up a game of Rogue Stars Hulk to explore with a couple of plucky bands of adventurers. As one might expect, in the act of exploring rooms, we uncovered more than a few hostile Genestealers.
The old Space Hulk floorplans have not been out of their box for a very long time, but as they include some of the expansions from Deathwing and Genestealer with even more large room sections, it lends itself very nicely to the Rogue Stars scenarios and game mechanics.

Dust Axis Lara

From what I read around the internet, Lara is the best of the Dust Axis characters available and it is pretty easy to see why. Plenty of wound soakage and even more machine guns to add to a unit of Panzers.dust-axis-lara
She is also the only type 3 armoured human available for the Axis, Markus is the other type 3, but he is only for gorilla units.