Scibor Marine

When building my Grey Knights army, I wanted to have some models that were a bit different to the normal GW range. The Scibor marine range is a perfect range of alternative heavily armoured models that fit into the Grey Knight style. A little expensive, but then GW models are not exactly cheap these days.
With this particular model, I just had the one piece torso and so used GW arms and a head to finish it off.

Devout Warriors

Warrior-with-hammer1Here are two Reaper Miniatures that I bought a couple of years ago. These were to be used as a Retinue troops in my Grey Knights army, but as they are not armed with any technological weapons, they can also double up in fantasy games. I love it when that happens, a model that can get used in more than one army or even genre.

I have also started playing Empire Of The Dead and these two models will fit into a Holy Order crew. So that makes about four different games that these guys can get used in.
There are so many great Reaper Miniatures, the biggest trouble I have is the time it takes going through the entire range looking for a bunch of models that I can use in different games and periods. If you do follow the link, just ignore the white “Bones” range of resin Reaper figures as they a rubbish, but fortunately there are metal eqivilants for most if not all of them.

Brotherhood Squad

I repainted this unit for use in my Grey Knights army, but it is highly unlikely that I will play 7th edition Warhammer 40,000$. But they will get use in No Limits as a core infantry units with support squads.
There are a couple of Sergeants, a couple of heavy weapon combi weapons, a sniper, a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher. With the eight standard infantry and a hero, I reckon they will nicely make two infantry squads each with a couple of support weapons and a sniper unit.

Orc Warrior

By far some of the best Orc models ever released were those by Rackham for Confrontation. I still have a few to finish painting, including the massive warlord model Shaka Morkhai.

I think I have most of the models released for both the standard Orcs and the Tribe of the Behemoth. Some of the Behemoth models had the most insane detail including strings of sausages, plucked chickens and various other foods and cooking implements. These were either a pain to paint or a pleasure, depending on how much there was to do…
This model is a basic Orc warrior and one of many. We still play Confrontation now and then and it still rates as one of my favourite games. One reason I built up a large selection of the these Orc models was to create an Orc warband for my No Quarter games.

WWI Style Tank

This is one heavy bit of resin. I bought this off eBay last year not quite realising just what a lump this was. The casting is not brilliant and the weapons provided are just thin plastic tube, but it will do as a steampunk tank.
I removed the main turret barrel and inserted a magnet so I can add any weapon later. For starters, I have two options, a basic cannon barrel (as shown above) and some sort of steampunk electro zapper thingymebob (as below).
This tank is also meant for use with my Meridian steampunk army. Now that most of the support models are finished, I must actually write up a No Quarter army list with a suitable steampunk flavour.

Undead Boat

This is another one of those models that was bought for no apparent reason. I think it is by Reaper Miniatures and one of those things I bought when in Canada a while back.
I think the idea was to have this small boat flitting around a much larger undead ship in games of No Quarter Naval Battles…or maybe summoning the large ship at an opportune moment. Anyway, the construction of the large undead ship is a little way off so this will just get packed away for the moment.

Frankensteamer MKI

Another old Armorcast model that has been rescued from the Loft Full Of Lead and painted up is the Frankensteamer. This should work well with the Meridian infantry models as shown below. It is armed with a flamer on one arm and a buzzsaw on the other. For added firepower, there is a turret cannon.
It stands much higher than the infantry and I have a few more of these to finish.