The Backlog

Recently finished a load of undercoating, two Conveyor APC’s, two A7 style tank bikes and a load of treadbikes with British head conversions.
The Titan Forge Zeppelins have been undercosted in bone to speed up the process painting proces. I still have to work out the flying bases, some temporary “low level” flying bases may be in order.
Any finally there is a squadron of old Armorcast Steam Planes and three (yet to be built) Ramshackle Vole Light Tanks. Phew.

Back In The USA

I am currently in the good ole USA visiting family and having a bit of a holiday. I have some bits to pick up whilst over here and I have brought my laptop along as I expect I will be working a bit as well.

I have ordered a big pile of Dust stuff at the insane prices that gamers in the USA have to put up with. I mean US$6.50 for three SSU light walkers is just crazy, they would cost GB£17 in the UK (about US$26). I plan to convert the SSU Red Tornado models and steampunk them up for my Steam Wars game.

The other stuff I have bought is to complete my Allies and bulk up the Axis, which I have not even started painting yet. And Mr Steinberg is getting some Allied and Axis reinforcements as well. I just have to get it all home again.

I also bought a couple more decks of Adventure Time Card Wars for my daughters. I have played it a few times and it is sort of Magic Lite, but great fun.