Prussian Colours?

I have started to think about the colours I will be using for the Prussian Scrunts that should be arriving in December. After a quick bit of searching on the internet thingy, I think I will go for a dark blue along the lines of those in the image below.

Black helmets with gold trim, black boots and the rifles with wooden stocks and gun metal barrels. I think there about 55 models coming…

What’s On The Table?

Before the next load of steampunk goodies arrive, I really need to get these heavy weapon scrunts finished. I think these will fit in as a mercenary/freebooter unit alongside the Prussian Scrunts.
Except maybe for the chap at the back in a British Army red overcoat and pith helmet.

Lots Of Kickstarters Due

kickstarterI’m sure something similar to this happened a month or so ago, but I have a bunch of Kickstarters delivering at about the same time again.

ramshacklelandtrainCurtis Fell’s Squat Land Train is shipping right now so could arrive at any time and I am really looking forward to this. I have gone for a few extra trailers and additional weapons and even some other bits from the Ramshackle shop including a light tank that I may just need to buy a few more of.

prussianscrunts1Bob Olley’s Prussian Scrunts are shipping soon and I am really looking forward to those. I opted for lots of basic riflemen infantry models as these guys will form the backbone of an army and will crew the massive Squat/Scrunt Land Train.

Rob Angell’s Curious Constructs Steampunk Weapons are shipping soon and I am really looking forward to those. I went for typically Prussian/German models such as the V1 Vergeltungswaffe Kirschkern Maikäfer Terror Weapon and the Nebelwerfer Rocket Mortar. Luckily, the Bob Olley Prussian Kickstarter included some weapon crew models that will tie in with these weapons very nicely. Isn’t it nice when a plan comes together.

arcadiaquestboxAnd then finally there is the CMON Arcadia Quest game that I thought would be a good idea for the kids. Well, that is apparently finally shipping to EU backers way after it has hit the shelves in retail stores. This is nothing new for CMON and has happened with Relic Knights and Rivet Wars. Mind you, I don’t like to complain much about Rivet Wars as that is a cracking game. On the other hand, Kickstarters that generate massive piles of cash and loads of stretch goals do take longer to fulfill. But that is still no reason to allow the retail product to hit the streets before the backers, who made the whole thing possible, get their stuff.

Loads Of Rivet Wars

A large box of Rivet Wars goodies arrived today, I have started to open up all the boxes and go through all of the new units. Loads of new stuff, characters, infantry, vehicles, artillery, anti-air, dogs (!) and of course aircraft.
rivetwarswave2aThe Battle Of Brighton is the best set as this introduces flying machines into the games, this really should make a great change to the dynamic of the games.
rivetwarswave2bThere were four more boxes including some 3d terrain for objectives and bunkers.

rivetwarswave2dLoads more standard infantry, which is just as well as we have run out of models to deploy in some games.

rivetwarswave2cThe flying bases when put together allow the models to sit on the tile intersections and so do not interfere with ground units.

rivetwarswave2eI don’t fancy having to put all these back in their original boxes, it will take ages. I need a sensible way to store all the models and am thinking of some sort of fishing tackle box.