Access Ramp

I may have over engineered the access ramp a bit.

After I had finished gluing down the deck tread plate, I realised I had forgotten to add magnets at the middle opening for the ramp. I had planned to have magnets hold it in place. Oh well…

So I had to make a ramp with an extra bit to slot into the hull. Not as slick, but it works okay.

The ramp itself was built up in a box section to provide some rigidity and I am pleased to say it does not bend.

Ridges were added every 30mm so figures can be positioned on the ramp without sliding all the way down.

Decking The Interior

I had some time to get busy with the interior of the GR-75 Transporter. The supports for the bridge deck and the separating wall were added with the assistance of some Lego contraptions to help the walls stand upright and make 90 degree joins.

Once the wall was up, the tread plate decking was added along with an extra wall to make a second room.

The wall panels here and there allow for some extra consoles and detail to be added. I am making these bits up as I go along, there is no set plan, just add what will fit while leaving plenty of space for figures.

The space suit racks, med-bay bed and large wall consoles are from Ainsty. The smaller blue consoles are from Antenocities Workshop with other bits yet to be added.

The overall layout is now in place, there are just loads more internal details to keep adding. At some stage I will be ready to start on the bridge, but I am leaving that until the end.

Baal Predator

After my first game of the latest incarnation of Warhammer 40K, I quickly decided I needed some emergency maintenance work on the Ball Predator to remove the Flamestorm and replace it with an Assault Cannon.

The Flamestorm was too unpredictable for me with its D6 attacks, I prefer the guarantee of rolling 2D6 with an Assault Cannon.

I had to carefully score the Flamestorm join and then basically snap it off. When I glue something, it is pretty well glued!

I was able to tidy up the turret fixing and attach the Assault Cannon without too much grief.

I have not glued the Assault Cannon, it is a tight fit, I may be able to repair the Flamestorm and make them interchangeable.

MotoGP In The Sun

It does not happen very often, but this years British MotoGP was in some serious sunshine. I got a bit too much sun and currently resemble a lobster.

Rossi led from the start for most of the race, Marquez had an engine failure, Dovi stole the lead a few laps from the end to take the lead in the Championship. A great days racing in all three classes.