Allied Devil’s Own

Back from my holiday with a unit of Allied Devil’s Own Commando Kill Squad. Reserved move ability and Phaser Guns makes this unit great for sneaking up in the enemy rear and taking on objectives and artillery pieces.
I had a bit of trouble with the skin and blacking camouflage but they turned out okay.

Thunderbolt In Progress

Yet another model that has been knocking around for ages is this Forge World Thunderbolt. This model was never really intended for use in Warhammer 40k, but as a fighter bomber in games of No Limits.
Thunderbolt1The model itself was undercoated in grey, inked with Nuln Oil and then simply drybrushed with Coat d’arms Infantry Grey. The weapons were done in Iron Grey with the other mechanical bits done in Gun Metal.
Thunderbolt2The engine tubes, for a bit of contrast, seemed best in copper. There are some covers for the tubes and I did consider not using them at all.