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The Month Gone: Dec 2016

Marine-PaintingDecember did not present the spare time I was hoping it was going to. I only got to paint four Predator models and those were quite quick paint jobs to get them ready for a game of AvP.

Purchased: 0
Painted: 4
Monthly Result: +4
Yearly Tally: +140

Over the whole of 2016, I purchased 99 new figures and painted a total of 239.

The Month Gone: Nov 2016

Marine-PaintingMy new job is playing havoc with my hobby. Three weeks in to the new venture and I have very little time after work to paint a thing. November was pretty bad, all I managed to do was paint an old dragon and a couple of small terrain bits.

I guess as my Astropolis Kickstarter arrived, they count as purchases for November.

Christmas is coming, maybe I will get a bit of downtime to paint some stuff, then again…

Purchased: 12
Painted: 4
Monthly Result: -8
Yearly Tally: +136

The Month Gone: Sep 2016

Marine-PaintingSeptember was another very poor month for painting as I was away again. I also managed to buy some more stuff for a few projects, mainly more models for the Steam Wars robot army, but also a rather nice Reaper Bones clockwork dragon that will get used in Dragon Rampant and Steam Wars.

Maybe October will be better for painting.

Purchased: 29
Painted: 0 (zero, nil, nada, zilch, nothing)
Monthly Result: -29
Yearly Tally: +127

The Month Gone: Jul 2016

July was not too bad as far as painting goes, it is meant to be summer and I usually paint less in the summer.
I did manager to paint Blood Reavers for Dragon Rampant, two plastic towers for various fantasy games, a fist full of Undead Legionnaires and Necromutants and six Axis Gorillas to finally get my Dust Axis army started.

I bought into the Tanks game, which has three tanks in it, not that I need more Shermans, but another Panther or Jagdpanther will be useful.

Purchased: 3
Painted: 27
Monthly Result: +24
Yearly Tally: +149