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Tabletop Gaming Magazine

There is a new games magazine on the shelves, Tabletop Gaming. I missed issue one but bought issue two the other day. Hopefully this will be around longer than some of the other publications that have come and gone over the years.

Although news is instantly available all over the interweb thingy, there is nothing like flicking through actual pages from time to time.

There was just enough on the cover to entice me to buy it, articles on Aliens Versus Predator, Frostgrave and Age Of Sigmar are all of interest at the moment. I have not had chance to read the whole thing yet, but it is nicely laid out, some long articles, some short and plenty of eye candy. Not sure what Blood Bowl 2 is doing in there as it is a computer game…

£5.25 I guess it is the going price for a magazine of this genre. I am not sure about going for a subscription as I have been caught out before, paying up for a year and then the magazine closing down.

As a quarterly magazine, my biggest challenge will be remembering when the next issue is coming out and then actually going to a newsagent to pick it up, I do not do shops very often…