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Black Mamba

This Black Mamba Allied Dust aircraft was shown in an online magazine some time ago but apparently will not be out for quite some time.

Shame really, as it is a great looking plane and this is about the only model left that I would buy from the Dust range, mainly because I have loads of other stuff already…


Dust Axis Lara

From what I read around the internet, Lara is the best of the Dust Axis characters available and it is pretty easy to see why. Plenty of wound soakage and even more machine guns to add to a unit of Panzers.dust-axis-lara
She is also the only type 3 armoured human available for the Axis, Markus is the other type 3, but he is only for gorilla units.

Dust Axis Panzers

The first of my Dust Axis heavy infantry are finished, The Panzers. I have played against this unit plenty of times and know all too well how tough they are. I like the way these models have great big double machine guns and…a knife.
They are in the usual boring Axis grey with a few green armour plates to break up the monotony. The trouble is, there is a whole army of these coming along.

Dust SSU Mech

ssu-mech2I am a big fan of Dust Battlefield/Tactics/Warfare and have quite a few Allied and Axis models. I do not intend to start an SSU force, but I do like some of the models. I acquired one of the Mechs some time ago and was wondering what to do with it. Maybe use it in Steam Wars or maybe in a sci-fi game…

The model was in a running pose that really was leaning too far forward, so the first thing I did was carefully twist the legs off keeping the lugs!
When I had straightened the model up, I thought the cannon and flamer arms seemed a bit long so I shortened them by removing most of the articulated arm.
But it makes sense for the chainsword arm to be a longer limb so it can be swung around in combat. As the arms do not need to be glued in place I can switch the chainsword and flamer arms.

I just need to decide what I will use if for.

Axis Marcus Proxy

I needed a Marcus proxy for my Dust Axis force, so Mr Steinberg very nicely bought me a Reaper cyber-ape that fits the role. Rather than actually call him Marcus, I present Marcus’ more belligerent and truculent middle brother Claudius.
He is a bit bigger than the rest of the Kampfaffen, so very suitable as a unit leader.
There may even be a third brother in the near future, known as Cornelius. But this could just be the start of an entire gorilla army in the Dust universe, the Karman Incursion.