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Toons Tank

This seemed like a good idea when I bought this online, I thought the Toons style design was quite fun and might work as a steampunk tank, but now I am not so sure. This Meng Toons King Tiger is more likely to work as a Weird War II tank.

The model itself took a few minutes to build, really not very many parts.

The tracks are soft rubber so they can actualy work, but I do not want that, so I have glued the wheels in place.

When it came to painting, I originally did a green and brown cammo pattern with my airbrush but I did not like it. So I went back and did a dark gray that I will highlight a bit.

Whats On The Table?

There is a mech frenzy going on at the moment, I have a small collection of Westwind mechs that were the result of a Kickstarter some time ago. They have been sitting up on a shelf, undercoated, but unfinished for far too long.

I added a heavy machine gun to the top of this Mech to give it a bit of defensive fire, I just need to get some suitably American colours on to it. That will be olive green then.

Whats On The Table?

This West Wind quad tracked gun is a model that will fit into several games, Weird War II, Steampunk and Sci-Fi. So I want to paint it in a generic colour that will fit any army scheme. It was originally planned for my robotic Mechanica army, so I suspect it will be finished in grey or Gun Metal.

Konflict 47

We played Bolt Action a while ago, so we had to follow it up with a game of Konflict 47, both are good games that get on our list of games to play in a year, but have to wait eleven months for it to actually happen (we need more months or fewer games).

We played a scenario, with a small detachment of US forces holding a bridge and waiting on reinforcements.

The German forces quickly advanced, regular troops and unpleasant zombies.

US troops advanced to relieve the defenders on the bridge using as much cover as possible.

German vehicle units moved directly on the bridge, a Panzer IV with a Laser Cannon and a medium walker, packing plenty of firepower. Even a K├╝belwagen with a machine gun can be quite effective.

If you can get a flamethrower close enough, it really is a great weapon against a nice bunch of zombies.

Mortars are more difficult to use, they are slow to move and need setting up before they can open fire. I think I would prefer more flamethrowers or perhaps a bazooka.

I did not take as many pictures as I thought, the battle must have got rather intense. The final fight around the bridge had both sides throwing everything at it in an attempt to have control but it ended in a draw I think…