MDF Ruins

Some time ago, I cut some MDF ruins, so I thought I really should put some colour on to see how they look.

I have just used various inks rather than paint, it really is very quick and they look destroyed enough.

This one was my first prototype and so did not have any internal detail, the later versions are a bit better.

Ocean Board Test

To go with my 4′ x 4′ port boards, I needed a 2′ x 4′ section of water. Rather than just paint a bit of board, I thought I would life difficult for myself and try something different.

I did start by just painting a bit of hardboard various shades of blue, perhaps not dark enough, but as a first go it will do.

Once that was all dry, I spread a whole tube of silicon sealant over the entire surface with a wooden spoon. This left an interesting texture and helped to distort the paint underneath.

There are a few small gaps where the silicon missed here and there, but that sort of adds to the effect. There are also a few bits where the spreading has left an undesirable mark, but I think I can do a better job on the next version.

Dragon Rampant Treefolk

In another game of Dragon Rampant, I fielded my Treefolk once again, a collection of oldish models that were not getting used for anything else.

Scantily clad i-Kore Sirens are armed with light bows and very little armour, obviously. As Dragon Rampant has a number of standard unit profiles, it is sometimes a challenge to match the models to the model profiles.
This old Reaper Wyvern is a nice model, another that does not come out much.

These GW models were originally bought to use as a Blood Bowl team, but I never got around to that. But having twelve means they make a great infantry unit.

The flying Wyvern is able to move over terrain so usually gets into combat first. This game was against Mr Steinbergs Saxons who were on the lookout for Gems and perhaps any firewood they could get their hands on.

These are also old i-Kore models, Blood Reavers, a reduced model unit but fast an heavily armoured.

The Saxons Command unit took up a sensible position in a ruined tower and managed to keep out of trouble for the battle.

Unfortunately the Treefolk army collapsed, the Saxons got their firewood. So in about 20 or 30 years, some more trees should have finished growing and they will have their revenge…

Colours 2018

Yesterday was Colours at Newbury, usually an event I look forward to, Salute and Colours are my two essential shows each year as they are nicely about six months apart. I guess I was not in the right frame of mind to go to Colours anyway, I did not have anything in particular to pick up, in fact for the first time in years, I did not even take a shopping list.

Overall, I found the show a bit disappointing, several retailers I like to pay a visit to were absent and there was not much else to grab my attention. The crowd seemed less and I found myself wandering around aimlessly…

The highlight for me was to see my various MDF towers on display and on sale at Products For Wargamers.

Also there was a new spiral staircase, looks good, but tricky to build.

So all I bought were some paints, some big brushes for terrain, a couple of resin machines for scenery and ONE miniature, ONE I tell you! That was just some random historical bloke on a horse that I will use as a statue…

All was not lost, on the way home, I went by Wargames Workshop in Milton Keynes and bought Kill Team Rogue Trader and a Galvanic Servohaulers box.

At least now have some new goodies to build and paint, because I was running out of new stuff. Not.

Dragon Rampant Tir-Na-Bor

My Tir-Na-Bor Dwarf army had another outing in Dragon Rampant recently, one of my favorite ranges fantasy figures.

I have not quite got enough for a unit of twelve models with muskets or crossbows, so a couple of extras have been drafted in to make up the numbers.

The Dwarf tank is a great model, heavily armoured with a very big gun!

My small unit of elite Thermo Warriors like to make the most of cover and leap out to attack any emeny units that get close enough.

The Wild-Charging Bellicose Boors are only any good if they get to charge, if they are charged, they tend not to last long.

Six Khor Knights are the leaders unit, heavy armour, a good rate of attack and pretty quick.

Summer Is Over

The summer is over, the holiday is a distant memory, the kids are back at school and autumn is here. It really is time to get my butt in gear and get on with the massive backlog of stuff that needs to be finished, or in some cases, started.

Next weekend is Colours and I must resist buying anything. Maybe I will buy something small. Just paints, honest. And some new paint brushes. Well maybe just one new game, Kill Team and that is it, nothing else.

Okay, so I am doomed…

Steam Wars Skirmish

So it has been a long hot summer, not a lot of painting, not a lot of modelling and only a little gaming. I did manage a small of game of Steam Wars last week with a visiting old friend from across the pond.

The game was set up on a 4′ by 4′ table using my new cobble boards and plenty of terrain.
This was a small game, the British Empire defending against the Prussian Scrunts. Both forces were mostly infantry with only a couple of light vehicles.
The British started with only half their force on the table when the Prussians launched their attack, the rest of the force were alerted when the attack commenced and could come on from turn two.
The mission was for the Prussian forces to disrupt a British resupply of the Aeroneff HMSS Reliant. The Aeroneff was scenery for this game and was not going to be taking to the air.

The British Sky Hussars made good use of the Reliant, using their jump packs to leap to the deck ready for a subsequent jump.

The Prussian jump troops, the Wechseln Angriffseinheit charged into the British Iron Man heavy infantry and their close combat steam weapons killed three of the defender.
The British Treadbikes roared on to support the infantry and were eliminated by the combined firepower of the Ungeheuer (Bob Olley classic Ogryns) and a Heavy Machine Gun.
The British troops were struggling to keep back the attacking Prussians, the fire and maneuver blitzkrieg tactics were working perfectly.
In the end the British defence collapsed and the Prussians not only stopped the resupply of the HMSS Reliant, but were also able to subsequently sabotage the Aeroneff.