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Prussian Exo-Armour

In preparation for a large Steam Wars game, I had to finish off my latest Bob Olley Exo-Armour Scrunts from his recent Kickstarter.

I painted these up in the same dark blue to match the rest of the infantry, but these had loads more gun metal on the extensive armour!

With a total of ten models from the Kickstarter, I was able to organise three units of three models for Steam Wars and have one spare to be used as a Hero.

For a little more variety, I changed two close combat weapons, one on the Hero and one regular trooper.

I hope that these are the last models I will be adding to the Prussian Scrunts as there really are quite a lot of them now.

Exo-Armour Scrunts

My Bob Olley Exo-Armour Scrunts arrived a few weeks ago and I have been wanting to get them put together and ready for a game with the Prussian Steam Wars army.

I have two sets of the five models so plan to make three squads of three and one “hero” model.

I am currently mulling over how to dish out the various weapon arms. I think I will have one squad as very close combat orientated, one as ranged weapon specialist and one somewhere in the middle.

I have since trimmed off the tabs to make fitting them to bases a bit easier.

Exo Armour Scrunts

I know it is the last day of January and I know the Exo Armour Kickstarter was not due to deliver until February, but it has arrived today, early I tell you. If only all other Kickstarters would take note.

Of course this does now present me with a problem, my well thought out modelling and painting schedule has now been jeopardised and I need to rush these to the top of the pile.

With a bit of luck, the promised snow will arrive tonight, grinding the entire UK to a halt and I will be forced to stay at home, and stick models together over the weekend.

Land Train Game

Joken and I had a large Steam Wars game recently with 2600 points per side!

It was just about everything Joken had in his Teutonic Knights army, so I gave him my Scrunt Land Train to have a go at, supported by some APC’s and a few Zeppelin airships.

The Teutonic objective was to try to stop the Land Train from getting across the table.

I had to create some Leviathan rules to give it some chance of achieving its goal. Basically it could Advance and still fire all weapons. The distance it needed to go meant it would be the fifth turn when it would escape off the table. If it could.

The Tuetonic Knights brought plenty of heavy firepower as without it, damaging the Land Train would have been pretty difficult.

There were plenty of flying machines around, three Prussian airships and one Teutonic biplane.

Once the Land Train had made a couple of moves to within Tuetonic weapon range, the carnage started. Concentrated attacks against the Land Train quickly took off the three trailers.

The Prussian armoured supports flanking move failed as the lead light tank was taken out .

The Teutonic forces made good use of cover, this forced the Prussian infantry to disembark from their transports and make a close combat assault.

The resulting combat was over quickly, both sides fighting simultaneously and both wiping each other out.

The Teutonics continued to advance, getting in possition either side of the road, ready for ths final salvo.

It was not looking good for the Prussian Land Train, rumbling ahead into some serious trouble…

The end came swiftly, the Land Train engine was destroyed and the rather upset Kaiser left the burning wreck. The Prussian Wechseln Angriffseinheit unit used their jump packs to move to protect their leader.

With the Land Train halted, the Teutonic began to mop up the surviving Prussian units.

It was a convincing victory for the Teutonic Knights, a fun game with the chance to use loads of our models in a big game.

The Prussian Land Train had a long way to go and actually left behind most of its supporting forces. In retrospect, I think the scenario needs tweaking a little, either a shorter distance to go but slow it down so it still takes four or five turns to cross the table, so go across rather than down the full table length. I also think the Land Train needs some more Leviathan abilities.

Exo-Armour Kickstarter

I have been looking forward to these Exo-Armour Dwarfs for some time and I am pleased to say they have arrived on Kickstarter this week, released by Bob Olley of Olleys Armies fame.

There are two sets of these heavily armoured tin cans, a set with more of a chaos flavour and a set that are more pillbox-like, and it is those that will fit in much more with my existing Scrunt army.

For my Steam Wars game I will require six models to allow me to take two units of three models. Of course, I could always go for more units…

I have already worked out a potential model profile for these which is a bit presumptuous.

One thing I can be sure of is that Bob will deliver this Kickstarter bang on time and these stout chaps will get added to the might of the Prussian Scrunts!