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Steam Wars Game

We had a game with what should be the final final version of the Steam Wars rules. It has only taken eighteen months to get to this stage, which is not bad for a part time project I guess.

I got to use my new TT Combat crane and a new warehouse in a factory setting complete with some very freshly painted roads.

For this game, my Prussian Scrunts faced off against the Mr Steinberg’s US Navy including several flying contraptions. We went with plenty of flying machines to really see how the game played with lots of air power.

The largest of the US Navy Skyships was this formidable frigate complete with Aether-thrusters to keep it majestically floating above the battlefield.

At ground level, we had some exciting battles with each side grabbing the advantage at different stages. The US Navy tentacle armed divers demolished a Prussian infantry unit before being demolished themselves by a Prussian Assault unit. The ebb and flow of melee is fickle thing.

The Prussian Zeppelin was carrying a unit of infantry that were going rappel into action at an opportune moment, but it never quite arrived. In the end, they deployed into the center of the complex and took up a defensive position. I may have to look at giving the Zeppelin a speed boost.
The Prussian Scout Zeppelins each took a flank and moved up a fast as possible bringing their twin-link HMG’s down on any units in range. They did not get to use their bombs as much as I would have thought.

The US Navy infantry in their best whites occupied the Aeroneff landing station and hung onto it for the duration. But whatever you do, don’t ask Mr Steinberg about the four 1’s he rolled…

The Prussian Abhumans (Bob Olley’s Orgyns from many years ago) had a very bad day and got themselves surrounded by Rocketeers deployed from the US Navy Skyship and a unit of infantry.

Over all, I am really pleased with the way the rules have turned out, it could not have been done without Mr Steinberg’s and Joken’s massive help in play testing over the last year or so. In that time we have refined rules here and there to create a game that plays the way we want it to play.

And finally, thanks to Matt Lyon for creating the truly brilliant Steam Wars logo, it is as if he knew just what I was looking for.

So that’s it, apart from wanting to add some more images, the Steam Wars rules are done, done I say!

So although I can post the rules anytime, I still need to write up the force creation rules and release a rather complicated spreadsheet.


Ancestral Zeppelins

I do like these Titan Forge Ancestral Zeppelins. I have only had the opportunity to use one in games so far.
At some stage, when the Teutonic Knights get their second (and third?) unit of Luftlancers, I will get the opportunity to field two or even three.

Mr Steinbergs US Navy will also be getting some Rocketeers and Copters soon so they may even be first to go up against multiple zeppelins.
These have been armed with Twin-Linked Heavy Machine Guns and some nice big bombs.
I do use my custom mdf flying bases with nice long clear plastic rod to have them fly at a decent height.

Arkanaut Frigate

This is the first GW model I have seen in ages that I could be persuaded to purchase, especially with my steampunk fixation still running high. I say “could”, as at £50 (US$80) it is a significant amount of cash.

It should be available with 10% off from an independent reseller, which would make it £45.

Prussians vs US Navy

The Prussians and US Navy came to blows again recently following the latest update to the Steam Wars rules.
I got to use my new rubble games mat for this game, which is nice but very “busy”. I need to make some more terrain pieces to break it up a bit.
The US Navy skimmer is fine looking model and Mr Steinberg has it supported by some transparent tube so it can glide over low obstacles.
The large TT Combat warehouse is a good sized model but suffers from only having one doorway, I am going to have to add at least one more.
The two sides had plenty of buildings and cover to fight over. The recent rule changes have worked really well and I am reasonably confident in saying that the rules are finalised. There is still some work to do on points costs to balance things out, but it is nearly there.
The Ironclad Quad Walker is another of my favourite models in the US Navy force.
The revised rules for heavy infantry make them a bit easier to kill but that does not stop me from fielding my Rackham Jump Troopers.
The latest addition to the Scrunts and their first outing was a Ramshackle Vole Light Tank. I may have to add a machine gun to these models as just having a medium AP cannon leaves them vulnerable to infantry assault.

Ramshackle Voles

The latest addition to the Prussian Scrunt army are three Ramshackle Voles, or Wuhlmaus as I prefer to call them in the Prussian force. These are light tanks and come in at fewer points than the heavier Pugs and Stugs.
All have interchangeable weapons, the second option being some sort of Dalek looking steampunky gun, which I will have to get a picture of sometime.