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Dragon Rampant Treefolk

In another game of Dragon Rampant, I fielded my Treefolk once again, a collection of oldish models that were not getting used for anything else.

Scantily clad i-Kore Sirens are armed with light bows and very little armour, obviously. As Dragon Rampant has a number of standard unit profiles, it is sometimes a challenge to match the models to the model profiles.
This old Reaper Wyvern is a nice model, another that does not come out much.

These GW models were originally bought to use as a Blood Bowl team, but I never got around to that. But having twelve means they make a great infantry unit.

The flying Wyvern is able to move over terrain so usually gets into combat first. This game was against Mr Steinbergs Saxons who were on the lookout for Gems and perhaps any firewood they could get their hands on.

These are also old i-Kore models, Blood Reavers, a reduced model unit but fast an heavily armoured.

The Saxons Command unit took up a sensible position in a ruined tower and managed to keep out of trouble for the battle.

Unfortunately the Treefolk army collapsed, the Saxons got their firewood. So in about 20 or 30 years, some more trees should have finished growing and they will have their revenge…


Dragon Rampant Tir-Na-Bor

My Tir-Na-Bor Dwarf army had another outing in Dragon Rampant recently, one of my favorite ranges fantasy figures.

I have not quite got enough for a unit of twelve models with muskets or crossbows, so a couple of extras have been drafted in to make up the numbers.

The Dwarf tank is a great model, heavily armoured with a very big gun!

My small unit of elite Thermo Warriors like to make the most of cover and leap out to attack any emeny units that get close enough.

The Wild-Charging Bellicose Boors are only any good if they get to charge, if they are charged, they tend not to last long.

Six Khor Knights are the leaders unit, heavy armour, a good rate of attack and pretty quick.

Khor Knights

My Tir-Na-Bor Dwarf army is nearly finished, the last main unit was these six Khor Knights on Razorbacks.

They are painted mostly in metallics with some Iron Grey so they fit in well with the rest of the army.

The models were provided with a choice of stream hammers or steam lances, but I decided to go with the steam hammers, the main reason being that they would not get bent and will pack in a case more easily. Anyway, hammers are more of a Dwarf weapon.