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Whats On The Table?

Currently still painting Tir-Na-Bor Knights Of Khor for my Dragon Rampant army.

I am mostly sticking to brass, gun metal and silver as the base colours. There is loads of detail to pick out so they are taking a while.

I finished up a couple first as I thought there was too much brass and it would not be dark enough when inked, but they look good. You can never have too much brass.

When complete, I will have six boar riders plus a standard bearer and a hero with a nice big axe.


Row Boats

Mr Steinberg got his hands on far too many row boats a few months ago, so I very kindly offered to take a few off his hands.

After a bit of hacking to remove the excess plastic from inside, I have used balsa to cover up the mess.

Just needs a quick coat of brown and they will be ready to ferry the crew of the pirate ships and Navy ships back and forth.

Whats On The Table?

Recently the weather has been to nice to paint models and the nine to five job has been rather hectic. Consequently, not much has been worked on.

On one of the very nice hot days, I did sit in the garden with my Dystopian Legions Ke-Ho resin tank and clean up the mold lines. I was using a nice new scalpel blade. You can guess what happened next…a couple of fingers were out of action for a while.

Anyway, I had planned to paint the last of my Dwarf models for Dragon Rampant, but only had time and working fingers to paint a chariot.

Having painted it mostly red, I have already decided that I don’t like the colour scheme much. Perhaps when it is finished I will be happier.