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Boors Warriors

For a week or so in May, the Dragon Rampant group on Fakebook ran a painting challenge, which was to simply pick a few models and get them done in seven days. A bit of encouragement like that always helps me to get my butt in gear, so I decided to actually finish of a few old Rackham Tir-Na-Bor dwarfs to bring my Dragon Rampant units up to twelve models in each.

First up I painted six Boors to add to the six I was already using in Frostgrave.
Army Painter Strong Tone is then lavishly applied to the block painted models and the job is done.

Twelve of these make a four point Belicose foot unit for Dragon Rampant.

Arkanaut Frigate

This is the first GW model I have seen in ages that I could be persuaded to purchase, especially with my steampunk fixation still running high. I say “could”, as at £50 (US$80) it is a significant amount of cash.

It should be available with 10% off from an independent reseller, which would make it £45.

A Dragon For Dragon Rampant

After several games of Dragon Rampant, I really thought it was time to have a game that actually includes a Dragon.

This is another of those models that has been kicking around in the Loft Full Of Lead for many years. I think my girls persuaded me to buy it when they accompanied me on a trip to a wargames store.
This is a Reaper Dragon that I originally undercoated black and then decided I wanted it in a much lighter final colour. I also noticed on the underside of the base that it is a Bob Olley sculpt.
Just before the weather got really cold and damp, I managed to get it resprayed in white and then did a quick green paint job so it will fit with the rest of the Treefolk warband.

It will get its first outing tonight!