MK2 Stairs

The second version of the stairs is much better, they do not stick out as far and allows for a few models to be positioned at the entrance.

I was not sure about the edging to the stair supporting wall.

There were quite a few small pieces needed to trim the edge by the steps, but when stuck toegether, they look really good. The alternative was to have a single angled bit, but I did not fancy that much.

When I have finished putting something together, I always think of a way to improve it. So although this could be classed as finished, I am doing another version with double doors. Then it will be finished. Well, maybe.

Bigger Buildings

I liked the idea of a building that could have multiple floors with easy access to allow models to be positioned inside.

So I created my own. This building can have as many floors as you want with each one being removable to allow models to be positioned inside.
As a first go I think it turned out out really good. Well, except for the stairs. It is funny, but when designing something in 2D in the drawing program, it looks like it will work out fine. But when you come to actually put it together, it is not quite as one would have intended.

Although the construction was pretty good, the finished entrance stairway was too narrow and stuck out too far. Not what I had imagined. A second version of the stairs would have to be drawn up.

The rest of it was great, the roof section was really good and will work well in games with some hard cover for models who can actually get that high up.

I need to make some roof top furniture, such as a stairway entrance and some air-conditioning ducts.

Stephen Hawking

“If a star were a grain of salt, you could fit all the stars visible to the naked eye on a teaspoon, but all the stars in the universe would fill a ball more than eight miles wide.”

Stephen Hawking

That is a lot of salt. I can’t get my head around that…