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Capitol Great White

Along with the Purple Sharks, this Great White is another excellent Warzone model from a good few years ago.
These are already in American colours so it would be great to get them into a game again.
I think I should be able to profile the Purple Shark with an LMG and the Great White with an HMG.

Capitol Purple Shark

I am wondering if I can make up some rules for these old Warzone Purple Shark jet bikes for Konflikt ’47.
Maybe some sort of flying jeep profile, light armour but fast.
I have quite a few Capitol Warzone models painted up in US colours that I will have to proxy in to an army list.

Dark Legion Ilian Templars

These are some of the Warzone Second Edition Ilian Templars that will be used as a second squad of Necromutants.
Yet another found box of figures from the Loft Full Of Lead that have finally been painted.

Warzone Undead Legionnaires are not particularly good models, but they are cheap, so you you need plenty of them. I have also finished up another nine to really max out the unit to see if they can survive a bit longer next time.