Sedition Wars Figures

I wanted to get these models completed for when we give Black Ops another go. Or maybe even Fist Full Of Kung Foo. A few of these will come in handy.

First up is a sniper model, definitely not in a firing pose.
The first of two specialists is armed with a pistol and a kit bag. I was going to put a Red Cross on it to make him a medic, but thought he would be better off as a generic specialist to fulfill any role.
The next chap is another specialist with some sort of light flamer.
And here we have a burly dude with a very big gun.
This is not Riddick, but Roderick, a close combat expert wielding two claws ripped from a creature.
Finally a female heroine equipped with a blaster and a sword for the up close and personal stuff.

Scrunt Engineers

With all the artillery from the Curious Constructs/Zinge Kickstarter a while back, I have have finally finished all the crew needed to get them on the table.ScruntEngineers
I think this is my Scrunt infantry finished. I still have a few vehicles to finish and a couple of Mechs to paint, but the army is nearly finished. Honestly…

Prussian Rivet HMG

I really liked the Rivet Wars Blight machine Gun and wanted to convert a couple for my Prussian Scrunts. I replaced the Rivet Wars gunner with a Scrunt tank commander model which fitted in perfectly.
I did not have to do much more to the model apart from raise the height of the machine gun a few millimeters so it lined up with the gunners hands.
I really like these models, they fit the style of the Prussian army perfectly.

I think I may have to go back and paint the rivets on the front.

Scrunt Prototype Weapon

I enjoyed making this model out of spare parts and the finished article came up well.
This prototype model can be used as any number of heavy weapon profiles in the Steam Wars universe, perhaps I could give it three special abilities and then randomly roll each turn to see which one is active! This would suit the “Disable”, “Impede” and “Shock” abilities that all inflict different effects on the target.

Scrunt Conversions

This is the finished unit of five Prussian Scrunt close combat troopers mostly with pistols and Chainswords. The leader of the unit gets a nice big Steam Hammer.
I had quite a bit of fun removing the close combat weapons from a right arm and attaching them to a left arm.
One model was put together with a machine gun to give them an extra bit of firepower and this chap does not get a close combat Chainsword.