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A Month Of Posts

I managed a whole month of posts in January, all down to the fact that I had a very busy Christmas and New Year period building loads of models that had been in my backlog.

I do not intend to that again!

The trick now is to stick to the undercoating and painting priorities and make some progress in the coming weeks to finish some new stuff.

Over the next few weeks, the immediate plan is to paint a unit of Lannisters followed by something else until all the Lannisters are done. Then I can replan again…

The Loft Full Of Lead

It may not look like it, but I had a tidy up in the Loft Full Of Lead.

I have been determined to get rid of some old stuff, but I am a terrible hoarder.

I did make some progress and manged to fill a couple of boxes of crap to go to the skip.

Last week, I even took some boxes of old terrain up to my games club, they have a nice large room to keeping terrain and the old ruins I had would at least get used now and then.

There is still loads more clearing out to do and it will likely take a while yet…

Painting 2018

The sum total of my painting in 2018 was not as good as I had hoped it would be. I managed to get through the wargames shows I went to without buying too many models, very few in fact, but I still struggled to paint very many last year.

I did manage to paint the minimum requirement for a game if Dust using my Axis, I still have more to do.

There were some individual models I finished for various forces, I really like the Wargame Exclusive Grey Knight styled model which I now use as a HQ proxy.

I found some more old Ogryn models and finished those off, I now have six for my Scrunt army.

A few other units got finished off, British Navy, Sky Hussars on modified smoke plumes and some Meridian Bots.

Then of course there was the Star Wars transporter conversion, the main reason there was little progress in painting miniatures. I was a much bigger project than I thought it would be…

It is nearly finished, honest.

Apart from the big model, I have also spent a lot of time designing and making MDF terrain, mostly industrial style stuff.

Maybe this year I will make some progress with more miniatures. Basically as long as I do not start or progress another mammoth model project (aircraft carrier?) I just might. Things to do: Zombies, Dust Axis, Imperial Knights, Space Marine Kill Team, Tyranid Kill Team, Ork Kill Team, Rogue Stars crew, Steampunk characters, Scrunt Exo-Armour (Kickstarter arriving soon), and don’t even get me started on what is still in the Loft Full Of Lead

That Was 2018

We set out at the beginning of 2018 with an objective, this was to play as many of our shortlisted games as possible. We agreed on the list, concentrating on our favourite games and those that we really should give another go. This does mean that a few others may now be classified as shelved, at least for a while.

So in 2018, assuming I have not forgotten any, I got at least one game of the following:
In Her Majesty’s Name
Heroes Of Normandie
Steam Wars
Space Hulk
Fist Full of Kung Fu
Rivet Wars
Dragon Rampant
Rogue Stars
Bolt Action WWII
Bolt Action Konflikt 47
Kill Team

Some games, such as Steam Wars (obviously), 40K (best edition in years!), Gaslands and Frostgrave has a good few goes.

Of course, we still managed to miss a few games out from our shortlist, not too many, but we will have to prioritise these in the New Year.