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Stephen Hawking

“If a star were a grain of salt, you could fit all the stars visible to the naked eye on a teaspoon, but all the stars in the universe would fill a ball more than eight miles wide.”

Stephen Hawking

That is a lot of salt. I can’t get my head around that…



I was in San Francisco in August and went to Alcatraz, which is well worth a visit if you are ever there.

At the mainland dock is a huge model of the island which looks suspiciously like it would be perfect for a game of something involving 28mm figures.

Dust, Konflikt ’47 or Bolt Action perhaps?

Maybe a zombie game of some description, that would work well as there is no escape from the island…

US Prices In Sterling

Many years ago, when Sterling was strong against the US Dollar, I remember being able to buy Games Workshop stuff in America at a cheaper converted price than in the UK.

So while I was here in the US, I visited a nice big independant games store to have a look around. However, as of right now, August 2017, with Sterling worth a paltry US$1.33, the cost of the new Space Marine Codex is US$50 which works out at £38.80 when it is £30 in Blighty.I did not even look at the price of other stuff.