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Steam Wars Port Landing

It really was about time that Mr Steinberg had another game at my place, so I arranged a scenario Steam Wars game using the port terrain I have been constructing on and off.

As Mr Steinbergs has a great selection of steampunk US Navy figures, I set up a landing assault for him to get his teeth into.

With several boats as his disposal, the US Navy landed thick and fast.

The US Navy objective was to break into one of the research building and capture some Top Secret plans.

The British defenders only had a few patrols at the dockside as the assault started, reinforcements would arrive in later turns.

The various landing craft deposited their cargo and retreated to collect the next wave.

Once ashore, the US Navy quickly set about establishing a foothold.

British Sky Hussars were the first reinforcements on the scene but were quickly overcome by the superior US Navy numbers.

The Roller Bots of the US Navy spearheaded the attack on the left flank supported by a six legged transport and a heavy cannon.

The second wave of Sky Hussars used the roof of the warehouse to stay out of the way of shooting attacks.

The second wave of US Navy vehicles and troops were able to land unopposed.

They just kept coming…

The British Air Force responded by sending in a couple of fighters to lend ground support and tackle any air threats lurking in the area.

Meanwhile on the left flank, the advancing US Navy encountered a couple of Frankensteamers which slowed their progress.

By this stage, the British Air Force had air superiority but the battle on the ground was not going as well.

The US Jet Pack troops made a lunge for the research centre and captured the plans. The remaining British waves had arrived too late.

In retrospect, I think the objective building could have been closer to the landing area, but it was still a fun game with nearly everything we had thrown at the table.

I have a few ideas for the next game, but that may require another 2 feet of table, having 4 feet of port with only 2 feet of water was not quite enough.

In the aftermath, Apricat decided to make her entrance. She won.

Steam Wars

A game is so much more fun when the terrain looks great. A recent game of Steam Wars used a whole load of Joken’s Conflix buildings along with other nice stuff.

Walls and hedges are always good, even if a hedge won’t protect you much from a Heavy Machine Gun…

We have a nice mixture of models from various sources in our respective forces. Both Joken and I have Spartan and Privateer Press models along with all sorts of other stuff. Although I have not played Warmachine for a very long time, the models are brilliant and I still have more Khador that have never been painted. These Man O’War models often make an appearance as heavy infantry.

And I always like to include some fast elite units like the Treadbikes and the Sky Hussars.

The opposing side included Luftlancers, a sniper mech and some machine gun bots lurking in the woods.

We played a scenario where each side had to retrieve some steam-tech from the opposing side of the battlefield.

The heavy Teutonic Knights are always a tough unit to face, equipped with a couple of machine guns and a powerful Tesla Lance.

This was a cautious game, both sides utilising plenty of cover and slowly advancing. The British Frankensteamer was taken out by the combined firepower of the Heavy Knights.

Meanwhile the Heavy Infantry used cover while the Technomage totally failed to get any Arctech powers to work. The plan had been to Translocate the heavy infantry close enough to the Teutonic Knights for a charge.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Luftlancers charged the Treadbikes.

…and inflicted plenty of wounds, killing two and causing a retreat for the survivor.

It seemed like a good time for the British Dropship to deposit a squad of Scouts near an objective to see if they could make off with it. They failed…

Neither side looked like capturing an objective without taking massive losses, so it seemed the best decision was to go to the pub and discuss tactics over a pint.

Steam Wars Skirmish

So it has been a long hot summer, not a lot of painting, not a lot of modelling and only a little gaming. I did manage a small of game of Steam Wars last week with a visiting old friend from across the pond.

The game was set up on a 4′ by 4′ table using my new cobble boards and plenty of terrain.
This was a small game, the British Empire defending against the Prussian Scrunts. Both forces were mostly infantry with only a couple of light vehicles.
The British started with only half their force on the table when the Prussians launched their attack, the rest of the force were alerted when the attack commenced and could come on from turn two.
The mission was for the Prussian forces to disrupt a British resupply of the Aeroneff HMSS Reliant. The Aeroneff was scenery for this game and was not going to be taking to the air.

The British Sky Hussars made good use of the Reliant, using their jump packs to leap to the deck ready for a subsequent jump.

The Prussian jump troops, the Wechseln Angriffseinheit charged into the British Iron Man heavy infantry and their close combat steam weapons killed three of the defender.
The British Treadbikes roared on to support the infantry and were eliminated by the combined firepower of the Ungeheuer (Bob Olley classic Ogryns) and a Heavy Machine Gun.
The British troops were struggling to keep back the attacking Prussians, the fire and maneuver blitzkrieg tactics were working perfectly.
In the end the British defence collapsed and the Prussians not only stopped the resupply of the HMSS Reliant, but were also able to subsequently sabotage the Aeroneff.

Steam Wars Martians

Mr Steinberg and I had an excellent game of Steam Wars recently, it was the first outing for his Martians. It seemed appropriate that I field a force of British Empire infantry to repel the incursion.

The majority of the British infantry used in this mission were basic troopers with a few heavy infantry thrown in to counter the Martian Tripods. I also used for the first time the small boxy gunbots shown above (who failed to activate the first time I tried to use them).

The Martian force is a great mix of models brought together into one list. The idea is that the Cephalopods are the masters utilising various mechanical constructs and a horde of Sanwar Slaves.

Although the British did not have any vehicles, each of the infantry units were equipped with special weapon of one sort or another.

The heavy British infantry concentrated firepower on a tripod and were able to knock one out quite quickly. The rest were not going to be as easy.

One of my favourite British units is the Treadbike Cavalry armed with the twin Light Machine Guns, I rarely leave home without them.

We also got to use some new MDF status counters, being double sided, it is easy to see the counter against a unit and it is easy to pick them up at the end of each turn.

Meanwhile, the Martian Robots and Cephalopods concentrated their firepower on the heavy British Infantry unit and quickly reduced them from three to one…

The other two tripods, although both taking damage, were making some progress.

For robot models we have introduced an optional ability so that if one is destroyed, it can become a crawling torso without ranged weapons, but can still fight in melee. Mr Steinberg had the models so why not!

This game also saw the first use of the Arctech Powers, a sort of steampunk techo magik. Nothing too powerful, in fact in the first three turns, my bath-chair riding Technomage failed to successfully project an Arctech Power.

Not sure these small Gunbots are going to do much to the tripod…

The mission we played had the Martians trying to get half their force off a table edge, but with most of the models on foot, it was going to be a tall order. But a very enjoyable game all the same.