Tyranids To Paint

Having tarted up a few Tyranids a while back for Kill Team, I have decided to tart up the rest of my old 1990’s Tyranid mini-horde and get them into 40K 8th Edition.

All I am doing is rebasing the models, touching up a bit of the very basic paint job and then inking the hell out of them.

I have too many other projects on the go and really do not want to do a major repainting undertaking on the whole army.

The rest of the Genestealers, Termagants and Hormagaunts did not take long to freshen up and they amke up the bulk of the horde.

Fortunately there are only about six models that need completely painting and they will get a similar scheme to the rest so they sort of fit in…

It does make me wonder how many games I played back then with unpainted models, something that I refuse to do these days.

I only have one old Zoanthrope model so will be running it as a Neurothrope instead.

As for this old Hive Tyrant, it is a bit small by todays standards and the model does not quite match the model profile in the Tyranids Codex. So this critter will be used as a Tyranid Prime instead.

My nice big scary heavy chunk of lead that is a Screamer Killer has been sitting around unloved for so many years that the undercoat has started to crack.

To finish off a few units, I just had to buy a couple of original lead Gargoyles to allow me to make a unit of ten, I bought one Tyranid Warrior with a Venon Cannon (I reckon I will need a few more big guns), and finally I did buy a painted large winged Hive Tyrant from eBay as the big boss.

New MDF Container

I have a new shipping container design that I am really pleased with. It is a reinforced container for shipping hazardous type materials.

The first version did not have the three braces around the middle, but it was a bit tricky to build.

This one is much easier to construct and may well be available soon at Product For Wargamers.

Industrial Table

Before a planned “big 40K game” I set up all of the industrial terrain I have been building to see if anything was missing. After more than 18 months of designing, building and painting, the whole lot covered a 6×4 table and I have to say it looked pretty damn good!

The dice tower is not really suitable for a large 40K game, it is better suited to Rogue Stars or Kill Team. Chucking 40 Storm Bolter dice down it just would not work. But it still works as a bit of terrain regardless of the rules system.

There are loads of walkways connecting all of the towers, I have found that the extra wide walkways work best one level down from the top of a tower, makes it easier to get a hand in there to move the models around.

Down at ground level, there are loads of new bits that connect the ground plates together. I have been making several different designs, trying to find one that is my favourite, so far there are a few designs that I like.

This vent design below is made from a couple of plastic bottle lids with mdf bits inserted.

For a bit of variety, I have made some raised sections, particularly good as a landing pad for a really big ship.

There are also some very long walkways, a great idea and they look great, but models tend not to move very far during a turn, so I can see a squad being left out on a walkway and vulnerable to enemy fire.

The large X piece below is another experimental design for linking ground sections together.

The next set of industrial terrain pictures will be of a 150 Power per side game, Death Guard against an aliance of Grey Knights and Blood Angels.

Industrial Hanger Tower

My final new tower design (at the moment) has a vehicle hanger with a landing ledge on one of the upper levels. This is only suitable for small flying vehicles, perhaps a Bladerunner style Spinner.

The tower shown here is higher than the standard three level tower so the landing ledge sits higher than the surrounding towers.

Of course when next to a double height processing tower (two Pringles tubes!) then it really is not that tall…