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SWAT Squad

These Aberrant Games miniatures are really nice SWAT style models. I wantd a very plain colour scheme so went for black with grey pouches and knee pads.

There is a Shotgun and a Flamer in there with three Assault Rifles and an Engineer Specialist.

Black is a hard colour to paint!


Ark Conversion

This is the Transformers model that I bought for next to nothing on eBay. I have removed all the internal crap and glued plastic over all the openings I could see from the inside, of which there were lots.

It actually did not take long and in the greater scheme of things, this was one of the quickest conversions I have done, it only took three episodes of Game Of Thrones (I’m watching series 2 again).

Now for undercoating with my new compressor, in white this time…

The Four Towers

For a tight games of Kill Team and Rogue Stars, four towers makes for an interesting game.

With the Kill Team obscured rule being nice and simple, a target is either -1 to hit or not.

This setup is three Pringle Towers and one self supporting Crosswalk Tower.

I have also made a slightly higher ground tile for some variation.

Just wait until you see what is next!