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Armoured Bounty Hunter

I picked up this figure in a bits box a few years at a show and forgot about him. So I have just painted him up ina simple scheme for Rogue Stars and quite possibly an Acolyte for an Inquistion crew.

No idea what company it is from, so if anyone knows…

Bounty Hunter

This is an old i-Kore model from teh Celtos range from a good few years ago. Although I used most of the models for a Treefolk Dragon Rampant unit, I had a spare character model that was pointing and just begging for a gun to be added, in this case a shotgun.

I plan to use her in a Rogue Stars Bounty Hunter or Mercenary crew, but she will need to be a “difficult target” as she is definitely not wearing any protective gear. Maybe a buckle secreted force field?

Rogue Stars Models

I have managed to finish off a few random models this week, in a vain attempt to make way for new stuff, but there is still more to clear yet.

This batch are for Rogue Stars and any other miscellaneous sci-fi games I get into.

The first two are Aberrant Games models, both law keepers and so destined for a Space Cops crew, really nice models.

A blast from the past is this old Imperial Psyker, I had a bit of trouble getting some old paint off of it, but after a quick paintjob, he will join the Star Cops crew.

I thought these two Spartan Games models would make interesting armoured SWAT type models. As I was undecided what colour to go for, and they had been undercoatd in white, I opted for a Stormtrooper paint scheme, then again, that is just lazy.

A spare Karman model got a repaint, not sure what for yet, but he came up quite nice.

Finally, a Westwind armoured chap, originally for the Japanese Weird War II force, but using a Space Marine head, he is now a general hero type dude.