Blood Angels Champion

Years ago, I made a number of Blood Angels Veteran models with various bits, I especialy like this close combat chap with his Power Axe and Storm Shield.

This was one of the last models I used a can of Army Painter resin dip on, although I did paint it on and not dip the model! These days I use the Army Painter ink.

Battletech Ship

Mr Steinberg recently acquired this rather excellent Aurora Class Battletech dropship. It is pretty big, that is indeed a Space Marine next to it.

It makes for a great bit of scenery, enough for a whole army to hide behind. We will have to get a game set up in a spaceport and get this alongside the other spaceships we have knocking around.

Return Of The Tyranids

After many years in The Loft Full Of Lead, the Tyranids returned to the table for a game of 8th Edition.

As this is an army of mostly models from the last century (!), it was mostly Troop choices with only a few HQ and one Screamer-Killer.
There were plenty of Genestealers, mostly the original plastic Space Hulk models, but a few lead ones thrown in for good measure.

Thirty Termagants were the speed bump and rather amazingly, lots survived until the end of the game.

Tyranids sure are fast, it did not take long to get into melee and start to do some damage.

The game took a while to play as there were 80+ Tyranid models and they take a while to move each turn. It did not help that I had to keep reading the rules in a vain attempt to remember all of their special abilities and buffs.

It was good fun to bring out some old models again, I am glad I did not get rid of them years ago.

30 Points Of Lannisters

I have four units of Lannisters for my 30 points, Knights Of Casterly Rock, Halberdiers, Guards and The Mountains Men. As the only characters painted so far are Tyrion and The Sparrow, that was my lot.

Some of the ink wash has ended up a bit glossy, so I still need to go back and matt varnish the red cloth, oh, and finish the bases.

The Knights are great when they charge, the extra attacks are mean they can dish out a lot of damage, but getting bogged down in a prolonged melee does not do them any favours.

The infantry units do not hit very hard, especially against a Freefolk Giant, but it does not help when the best Panic Test result I can roll is a 3 on 2D6 all game. The offending dice will be crushed.

The Lannisters did not hang around very long.

Maybe next time…

Game Of Thrones

After a few games of Game Of Thrones A Song Of Ice And Fire, I am working on expanding my Lannister army. My 30 points at the moment consist of Guardsmen, Halberdiers, Mountains Men andthe rather effective Knights Of Casterly Rock.

I have to decide on what is next out of more Halberdiers, more Guardsmen, more Knights or a different unit such as Crossbowmen, Warriors Sons or the Kings Guard.

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