Black Armour Test

I want to start to do some black armour using the GW contrast paint so I have tested it on a few random old models.

They do look a bit dull, but I guess that is the point to a certain extent. Even with a bit of boltgun to pick out weapons and the occasional armour panel they still look very flat. A bit of edge highlighting will help.

A model with a little something in a different colour helps such as the skull shoulder pauldrons on this old Chaplain model.

I will have to try a few others out. At least they will get used in games of Stargrave and Rogue Stars.

MDF Aircraft Hangar

We play a number of WWII games, either historical like Bolt Action, or with a more weird war focus, such as Dust and Konflikt ’47. I have had sketches of some airfield building ideas for ages to design and build in MDF.

I decided to start with a large building and make a huge aircraft hangar.

There is plenty of room inside for any of the aircraft I have and high enough for the Mechs in Dust and Konflikt.


Back in 1999, I was really into a game called Vor, produced by FASA. It was a really good sci-fi game with a bunch of interesting forces. I have three forces I think (two fully painted), one of which was the human Union force. In the Union force was a robot model called a Mule. Today in Stargrave’s Quarantine 37 expansion, there is a robot model called a Mule.

It needs a repaint, but the model seems to fit the profile in Quarantine 37 perfectly.

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