MotoGP Silverstone

This years MotoGP at Silverstone was held in scorching weather for a change, moving the date to the start of August appears to have been a good idea.

All three main races were great, the insanity of Moto3, the British podium in Moto2 and the Espargaró heroics of MotoGP.

And not forgetting the massive rolling stoppie of Jack Miller right in front of us after the flag.


Warcry is one of my favourite games and it has given me the excuse to finally paint up some really old Marauder Miniatures Bloodletters.

Of course just having Bloodletters is not quite enough and I had to buy a few plastic Bloodcrushers to give me a bit of extra speed and strength.

Although they are mainly red, there was still plenty of detail that took a while to pick out.

Turnip28 Bashing

I have finished making three more units for Turnip28, two units of Brutes and a unit of Chaff.

Mr Steinberg pointed me in the direction of some tiny 3D printed candles which fit on the flat topped hats very nicely.

I decided to make two units of Brutes, one unit armed with close combat weapons and one unit armed with black powder weapons.

These are now ready for undercoating and a quick dark and muddy paintjob.

Turnip28 Horse

I am working on a Toff for my Turnip28 force and have started with the mount. Not sure where this is going yet, I wanted to extend the legs for starters and extend the neck.

The first step is done and I am now thinking about greenstuffing all over the body and neck.

Not sure what to use for a head yet, I have an old plastic Dire Wolf head, but not decided.

Warcry Deck Box

Having built up more Warcry cards than I could believe, I need somewhere to keep them all together. The main problem was the oversized Ability cards that each warband has.

The solution?

Build my own.

It could a couple of goes to get it about right, but this finished card box holds the pesky large cards and has plenty of space for model profile cards and the various terrain card sets that I have accumulated.

There are a couple of extra trays that hold the dice and the multitude of counters.

Some of the non-structural dividers are removeable for added flexibility.

I have made the box so that it can be stackable with others. I may get around to making a similar box for my Kill Team home printed cards.

I still have several Warcry factions to paint up, but at least I won’t lose the cards in the meantime.

Lannister Heroes 3

I really had thought my Lannister army was complete, but no. Those nasty people at CMON keep bringing out new boxes of figures to tempt me.

This box includes yet another Jamie Lannister. I will be able to field a whole unit of Jamie Lannister’s at this rate quite soon, although this is another Jamie with only one hand…

Also in this set is The Mountain That Rides, previously only available in the Kickstarter way back when. I have wanted to get this model for a while but never wanted to pay the eBay price.

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