This has been a very long time getting finished, but quite frankly, what is the hurry these days…

I used contrast paint on all of the bone areas and then sort of stopped for months. I could not decide what colour to paint the rest of him (it?).

In the end, I decided to use the blue that my Genestealers are mainly painted in and the purples that my Tyranid Warrior weapons are painted.

I must do some pictures with some Genestealers and Warriors one day.

Finishing the Tiny House

I have finally finished the Tiny House. This design came about when I was redesigning another Tudorish building and had a small roof that I was going to disregard.

I wondered how small a house can go before it becomes too small.

I think this is about it, just enough room for a door and a window on one side.

This also gave me the chance to try out some laser cut curved tiles on a small surface.

A few of these houses on the outskirts of my Tudorish town should look pretty good.

I wonder if I could add a first floor…

Cardboard Roof Tiles

I got a tile cutting gizmo made a while back and that has really made cutting strips of straight edged cardboard tiles very easy. But it would be really time consuming to cut curved tiles and really quite hard to do so without a subsequent reduction in the number of fingers available on my left hand…

So I asked Jim at Products For Wargames to laser cut some cardboard curved tiles.

One of the newer Tudorish buildings is a very small house, currently called the Tiny House. I used the new curved tiles on the roof and I really like them!

I now need to make the rest of the house and paint the whole thing.

Final Town House Roof

This is the final design for the Tudorish Town House, the third attempt I think, but the one that looks the best and fits the style I was aiming for.

At the moment, it is just clipped together with no glue to make sure everyting fits and aligns.

I now have to take it all apart and glue it together painting the three sub-assemblies as I go.

I am going to tile the roof with cardboard strips of tiles which should really finish it off nicely.

Another Tudor Build

A short time, I put together a prototype six-pot chimney, although this was a little on the large size, I decided to use it on a particularly large roof to see how it would look.

For this roof, I also wanted to have cardboard tiles to give it more texture. Although the actual cutting the tile strips tok a while, the glueing onto the roof was much quicker than I thought it would be.

The previous cardboard tiled roofs I have made, I glued the shiny side of the cereal packet down. I then saw a tip from the Terrain Tutor that you should have the shiny side up. So I did with this one.

When I came to undercoat it black, I found that the paint did not stick as well as when I used the plain side.

But after plenty or red drybrushing, the end result is okay.

A Billion Suns

This whole lockdown thing is getting a bit much, I now have yet another set of rules on the shelf that join the ever increasing queue of games yet to be played.

This is yet another game from the rapidly expanding Osprey Wargames range, I am starting to lose count of how may Osprey books I actually have.

Luckily, I already have plenty of ships the right sort of size for this, so apart from spending a few quid on the rulebook, I am ready to go once things start to get into the new normal…

Town House Roof Progress

I worked up the third iteration of the roof for the Town House building and it seems to be the design that works the best.

It builds in three sections joined together and fits the balcony level nicely. I have also drawn up all of the beams for the sides, ends and dormer windows.
The final cut should be around this week and I can get to work on finishing this building off.

I am going to cardboard tile the roof, which will be a challenge around the dormer windows, but I would not want it to be too easy now would I?

Industrial Crane Platform

I took a break from the Tudor buildings project and made a tower for my Games Workshop Galvanic crane.

The ring on the top holds the crane nicely, although I would still be a liitle concened of it getting knocked off in the heat of a game. I might be able to make a retaining clip of some sort to hold it in place…

Of course, the height of the tower can be a bit shorter to minimise the risk of disaster.

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