Too Many Tyranids

As I sit here by a pool with a Gin and Tonic, I have plenty of time to read and ponder what is next on the huge wargaming backlog.

As we have been enjoying Warhammer 40K again and bought into Kill Team, I have been sorting through old models to see what can be used in Kill Team.

The Tyranids were an easy Kill Team to muster, they did not take much work to get on the table, only needing a handful of models really helps.

To give myself plenty of options, I updated a number of models so I can try out a proper swarm team at some stage. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I just rebased them and splashed on some ink.

I can now field lots to Termagants or a horde of Hormagaunts with a single Tyranid Warrior to keep them in check.

Or I can try the nine Genestealer team…

So now I have more than enough Tyranids for Kill Team, I am wondering how long it would take to update all of my old models an make a small 40K sized army.

These are all the updated models, but there are a few more boxes that I would need to work through to make units of at least ten models. I would also need to build some proxy critters to count as some of the larger Tyranid models that did not exist the last time mine were used, which was most likely back in the 1990’s.


Rins Wins

Who would have thought the Marquez would NOT win the American MotoGP. I guess you lot would not have thought it, as you come here for wargamers content and not my other passion. Anyway, I enjoyed it, it was a cracking race. After Marquez crashed out from the lead, Rossi and Rins battled for the lead with Rins winning through and taking his first MotoGP victory. This is going to be a classic MotoGP year.

Salute 2019

Yesterday was the annual pilgrimage to Salute at the Excel in London, the biggest UK wargames show and one that tests the durability of ones feet. The solid concrete floor gets a bit tiring, especially as I seem to do several laps of the huge hall, but I do like the trip and the chance to see all the latest new shiny toys.

As usual, I had a list of the stuff that I was interested in, no new games, but some paints, models and game mats.

My trip to Hasslefree and Black Scorpion was successful and I picked up all models on my list. Hasslefree do a great Stargate squad that I have fancied painting for some time. I am also determined to get some pirate games in this year, so I bought a few more pirates from Black Scorpion along with some other character models.

Simple Miniatures usually have some bargains and this year was no different, I bought some Warmachine Perforator robots and a few boxes of Malifaux Robo-Arachnids.

I also got a really nice 6×4 green field game mat from Gaming Books, one of the mouse mat style mats.

So I now need to put a few figures together and get them undecorated and set up a game or two on my new mat.

Although there were no standout demo games this year, a couple did catch my eye, especially the 28mm scale Dystopian Wars Frigate in a really nice steampunk harbour.

Perhaps not the best Salute in recent years, it was a nice day out with friends, a spot of lunch, and buying more stuff for the Loft Full Of Lead.

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