Double Dirigible Design

Why have one when one can have two? At least that is what I thought when building the rough structure of the Steampunk Airship dirigibles.

I need to get some more MDF bits cut as I have changed my mind on a few of the original design decisions, mainly the way the two dirigibles attach to each other. I also have some ideas on how the front and back should look. If it does not look any good, then I will abort the project and think of something else to do…

Whats On The Table?

After my recent game of Necromunda with my new Palanite Enforcers, I have two other gang projects to work on. I had already bought a Van Saar gang to build for Stargrave and Rogue Stars. I just liked the Van Saar models, I thought they had a bit of a Dune Stillsuit vibe going on, sort of…

Then when going through the Loft Full Of Lead, I also found a few sprues of Genestealer Cult models that I had forgotten about, I will have to add those to the building backlog as well.

There are a lot of the Genestealer Cult models, although the purestrain Genestealers are not available to use in Necromunda (shame), I will have to work out a gang list or two for the rest before I start actually building the models and selecting any weapons options.

Kharadron Overlords vs Corvus Cabal

Now that I have more Kharadron Overlords on foot, I tried a Warcry warband without any flying chaps. That did not go well, they are just too slow.

So the next game had the balloon boys back in the lineup.

The Corvus Cabal are much faster than the Overlords, so when a mission needs some speed, then the flyboys are the only option.

We also got to use my newly painted Raptoryx for the first time and that added some extra fun!

The Cabal snatched the victory as we fought over the objectives, the Overlords will have to refine their strategy.

3D Printed Kharadron Overlords

The Warcry box of Kharadron Overlords is a good set, but I wanted a few more stout chaps on foot. As I was unable to pick up the GW figures that I wanted, I found a set of six 3D printed models for £10 on eBay. Bargain!

These are very impressive print quality, very smooth layers. The weapons match the various options available to the Overlords. The backpacks are not quite as good as the GW models, but when the whole model is painted up in the same scheme, they fit in really well.

I can also now field an allied unit of 10 short chaps on foot in games such as Oathmark.


These Raptoryx from the Warcry starter box got undercoated and then a bit forgotten.

As Warcry has been one of the favourite games recently, a few of the missions require soem chaotic creatures to pop up here and there.

I watched a Youtube video describing a quick Contrast paint scheme and I went with that, especially as Gryph Hound Orange is one of my favourite Contrast colours.

It was very quick and all were completed in no time at all, which is the point of Contrast paint I guess.

Still have to do the Furies…

Dirigible Design

Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself. As I seem to have less time to build hobby stuff than I would like, I still decide to undertake new large build projects. A lot of the time this involves buying some sort of large kids toy or collectable to use as a starting point, and then promptly putting the whole thing on hold.

One such idea was a Steampunk style ship using yet another Playmobile hull but adding a couple of dirigibles in place of the sails and having it fly…

There is plenty of interesting art out there and I sort of knew what I wanted to build, especially as I can get laser cut mdf to make some of the structure.

As the diribles were to be the hard bit, I decided to start with those and work down to the hull.

I have some mdf cut to make the girder structure.

The bottle has been covered in tape before I try to apply some fabric. It could get messy.

Oathmark Game

This game was a few weeks ago, but I still seem to be playing catch up with some old posts.

I used mostly very old GW Empire figures, a good number of which still need to be touched up, inked and then rebased. Those are crossbowmen and swordsmen from the previous century and look very small these days.

The only Empire units I have that are actually finished are mounted Knights and a unit of twenty Greatswords.

I then plan to roll in a load of Rackham Confronation figures and finally paint some Empire Warmachines. One day.

Iron Golem vs Nurgle

I do like Mr Steinbergs Nurglings, I must try and get me some just for fun, not sure what I would use them for, most likely something in my Oathmark Chaos army.

In Warcry, the Nurglings are a proper wound soak and take a long time to hack through!

The flying bloaty flies are rather good at swooping onto objectives, and they also take a while to budge.

The poor old slow Iron Golems just have to slog their way through the mass of chaotic horribleness.

All good fun!

Grimdark Karmans vs Necrons

Using Space Marine profiles, I used my Karman figures in a 2500 point game of Grimdark Future against the Robot Legion (Necrons).

I like the feel of this game, even the standard downloadable army lists are quite good and my decades old 40K forces fit nicely into the model profiles available.

The Karman Trikes used the Space Marine Land Speeder profiles and that seemed to work pretty good.

For any Karman with Jump Packs, I used appropriate Assault Marine profiles.

We had some good firefights here and there, and one confrontation came down so a Karman Freezer charging into a Robot Leader for a final dust up.

There was plenty of Robot Legion firepower, ten model units do have their advantages. Most of the Karman were either three or five man (ape) units.

A unit of three Karman with missile launchers were quite fun, especially with the Indirect rule.

I have signed up for the Grimdark patreon and now have the full rules, although they just add a few new options, but more importantly, I have the calculation document for working out new model profiles for some of the antiques in my collection.

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