Square Tudor House

Apart from the roof, this new Tudor building is nearly finished.

The stonework effect comes up really nice with a bit of dry brushing.

As all of the levels have the same floor size, this design can make a number of different looks.

The single and two floor building are basic dwellings for your average Tudorish inhabitant.

There is also a fancy level with some arched windows.

When combined with the basic level, it makes for quite a tall and imposing building.

New Tudor Design

I have been working on a new Tudor building design to add to the growing pile of buildings.

This building has a square footprint with each level being the same size so they will be interchangable.

This design also features a half open ground floor with stone cobble effect area.

I had to do a bit of trimming with the prototype bits, I hate wasting any of the stuff I get cut, so I don’t mind a bit of modifying while I edit the plan for the next version.

There are a few floor options with this design, but only one roof, at the moment.


One can never have enough Genestealers. Apparently.

I still have a pile of unpainted plastic Genestealers from the original Space Hulk and modified a few show some sort of representation for Acid Maw and Flesh Hooks.

Although painting them when you are trying to match a 30 year old colour scheme is a bit of a chore.

Empire Greatswords

The last few weeks has been spent designing, building and painting MDF Tudor style buildings, but I did manage to get a twenty man unit of Greatswords finishd for Oathmark.

Some had been painted years ago, but they all needed attention to get them ready for action.

Used the paint scheme of those painted years ago as the basecoat and then matched the rest. I think the red and white uniform looks striking. I used Apothecary White Contrast paint on the white and then Army Painter Dark Tone on the rest of the model.

Landing Craft Updates

I can’t believe it is two years since I last did anything with my MDF landing craft. I was contacted by the reader recently regarding my prototype landing craft posted in 2018.

Following the last build, I made a number of changes to the drawing but never got around to getting one cut. The main changes were to add higher side panels, so when tall Dust walkers are in the craft, it does not look too top heavy.

This is the standard side panel option, more suitable for WWII games.

For a more Weird War setting, the higher sides work better for tall walkers.

Here it is with two 80mm round bases worth of Dust Axis walkers.

I also wanted to have a better method of having the ramp stay in the up position.

I had an idea to do a much larger landing craft to take the massive walkers, but if it took me two years to finish this landing craft, I would not like to say if it will ever get designed.

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