Let There Be Light

I may have gone over the top now as I have added even more LEDs.
I decided that some more internal lighting was required, just a few here and there.

It is now a bit of a wiring nightmare, I had to drill loads more holes in the hull to allow the wires to run all around the ship.

I have made things difficult for myself as I have to allow some of the LEDs and wire above the deck when it is glued down.

More Power Captain!

I decided to add some lights to the transporter.

I had to drill loads of holes to pass the wiring through, I also found the limitations of using pre-fused LEDs which was a bit annoying as I had to created several separate parallel circuits.

The lights are mostly on the outside as running wires into the interior was a bit too much to deal with on a first attempt as using LEDs.

They do all work, I just needed to make the battery compartment removable. I also need to hope that none of the wiring or LEDs fail in the future as it will not be possible to access them again without removing the deck and that is not going to happen.

Transporter Interior

Almost ready to start on the interior of the transporter conversion. The various resin bits from Ainsty and Antenocities will be used to support a couple of internal walls and then around the edge of the hull.

I have not stuck anything down yet as there is still some preparation to complete and holes to drill and decisions to make before the deck goes down.


I don’t recall seeing any opening credits, it just starts at full throttle and does not slow down. From the beaches to the skies to the sea, several story lines progress to meet at the end.

TheĀ  story moves at three different speeds, similar to how Inception played out, not surprising really as Christopher Nolan was at the helm for both. Also common across his recent films has been the use of sound, BIG sound, sound that you feel inside. The screaming JU-87’s, the bursts of gunfire and the blasts of bombs all play as much a part as the actors.

This is what a good movie is like. Even though we all know it turns out, the suspense builds and builds. Apart from the last scene, there were no German soldiers, it was a story of escape rather than war. Brilliant.

War For The Planet Of The Apes

In a busy week for the movies, I went to see War For The Planet Of The Apes. Hmmmm, not bad, just a few too many dumb decisions by all sorts of people…and primates. This spoilt the movie for me as it started off very promising.

What is amazing is the quality of the CGI apes, the closeups of the faces, the hair, the eyes, the expressions are simply breathtaking.

Landing Gear Completed

All four landing struts are finished, complete with magnets to hold them on to the hull and magnets to maybe use for perspex rods to have it “fly”.

I just made up the construction as I went along, I had an idea of what I wanted, but just let the shape and design take care of itself. As I needed a bit to fill a gap, I rummaged through the bits box and piles of sprue to find appropriate pieces.

The top sections contain a magnet to attach to the hull. This will make packing the model away a lot easier.

These landing struts are high enough to allow plenty of access to the underneath of the ship and have an access ramp.

Sci-Fi Transporter Ship

A long time ago is a town far far away (Margate I think), I was driving along minding my own business and saw some Star Wars models in the front window of what was basically a junk shop. I stopped and bought them for a few quid each thinking about conversion possibilities. So, twenty plus years later I have decided to start on the first one. What was a Star Wars GR-75 Transport will become a ship for 25mm models for games such as Rogue Stars, No Limits and quite possibly the latest incarnation of 40K.

The model was incomplete when I parted with my cash, but as I only wanted the hull, that was not a problem. It is a good size inside and once some decking has been added, there will be plenty of room for models.

I have various bits from Ainsty Castings and Antonocitis Workshop to go inside to make a command center for the bridge and a workshop area.

To start with, I made some card decks to see how much space I would have to work with. The rear section will be an engine of some sort with plenty of control panels.

I need to make some landing gear as well as I want it to sit high enough off the ground for models to access a ramp to the access point in the middle.