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Toons Tank

This seemed like a good idea when I bought this online, I thought the Toons style design was quite fun and might work as a steampunk tank, but now I am not so sure. This Meng Toons King Tiger is more likely to work as a Weird War II tank.

The model itself took a few minutes to build, really not very many parts.

The tracks are soft rubber so they can actualy work, but I do not want that, so I have glued the wheels in place.

When it came to painting, I originally did a green and brown cammo pattern with my airbrush but I did not like it. So I went back and did a dark gray that I will highlight a bit.

Whats On The Table?

This West Wind quad tracked gun is a model that will fit into several games, Weird War II, Steampunk and Sci-Fi. So I want to paint it in a generic colour that will fit any army scheme. It was originally planned for my robotic Mechanica army, so I suspect it will be finished in grey or Gun Metal.

Baal Predator

After my first game of the latest incarnation of Warhammer 40K, I quickly decided I needed some emergency maintenance work on the Ball Predator to remove the Flamestorm and replace it with an Assault Cannon.

The Flamestorm was too unpredictable for me with its D6 attacks, I prefer the guarantee of rolling 2D6 with an Assault Cannon.

I had to carefully score the Flamestorm join and then basically snap it off. When I glue something, it is pretty well glued!

I was able to tidy up the turret fixing and attach the Assault Cannon without too much grief.

I have not glued the Assault Cannon, it is a tight fit, I may be able to repair the Flamestorm and make them interchangeable.


One of my intentions is to reduce the number of new games I buy into. But I must say I have failed this week with the purchase of Tanks by Gale Force Nine.
Can’t really complain as I bought it for a good price and I have loads of Flames Of War tanks that may now actually get used for something. I tried it out last week at the famous shed of Mr Steinberg and it is a nice game. Basically it is X-Wing for tanks. I used a platoon of Panzer IV’s and went up against firstly a squadron of Shermans and then a trio of heavy Russian tanks.

I like the game, it is quick, objective driven and you don’t need too much stuff. I’m not sure that some of the expensive commanders are worth the points but I maybe some more games will clear up why they cost so much.