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Carrier Below Decks

I made some more progress with the steampunk carrier project. It may look a bit messy, but I do sort of have a plan, which is a plan to make it up as I go along.
I have the four gun emplacements in position and enough foamboard surrounding most of the platforms to support the deck. All of the emplacements are different shapes and I will have to work out what else is going into the larger areas.
I still have to finish the supporting sides on the two emplacements below then I can get started on actually fixing the foamboard into position.
The side loading bay was an alternative idea to having a lift in the deck and will prove a better solution especially when the ship is docked.
I still have to work out how the deck will be fitted to the hull, especially as I think it will need to be removable.

Custom Props

When I was hunting around for plasticard for the Aircraft Carrier project, I found some clear plastic rotor blades designed for small scale helicopters at Hurlbat in Letchworth.

With a sightly larger hole in the middle, these would look pretty good on my steam planes.
After a couple of emails to the gang at Hurlbat, they accommodated and knocked off six custom rotor blades, at no extra cost, and they arrived in the post the following day. Excellent friendly service.

Carrier Access

I have been busy painting various models, so the BIG aircraft carrier project has been a bit slow in getting started. But I did decide to save some time and not have a moving lift. And then I thought I would give myself another headache and have a large loading bay on the side of the side, this will be especially useful in games where is is docked.
The removal of the lift was the easy bit, luckily it is very lightweight plastic so I was able to hacksaw it off in mere seconds.

Using some bits of plastic and a few paperclip pins, I glued the ramp into the deck, job done.
So below decks, I hacked out the side with a view to making a large loading ramp into a bay.
There is already a loading ramp at the stern as well, so there will be plenty of internal detail eventually.
I must make some time each week to drive this forwards.

Carrier Control Tower

I made a cardboard mock up of how the control tower could look, three levels with walkways around the sides.
Only the top level will have a removable roof to give access to a bridge area.
I was thinking about having ramps connecting each walkway level, but he angle they needed to be made at meant they were really long and did not leave much walkway. So I have decided on ladders to connect each level.
I’m not sure if the control tower is a bit on the large side, and the photographs make it look even bigger. Two levels is a bit to small. Will have to think about it…